kazuo ishiguro

  1. S

    Do you consider Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro to be science fiction?

    Never Let Me Go is a love story about clones but it doesn't feel like science fiction to me.
  2. Dan Jones

    Chronscast Season 1 Episode 2 - Klara And The Sun with Jo Zebedee

    We're joined on this episode by @Jo Zebedee, author of several novels, including the Abendau space opera trilogy, the dystopian Inish Carraig and the Irish fantasy Waters And The Wild. Jo talks to us about Klara And The Sun, Kazuo Ishiguro's 2020 novel about a sickly young girl who purchases a...
  3. ventanamist

    'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishaguro

    I have just read this book and I am really, really annoyed. To start with I got as much pleasure from reading this as I did his other books: 'The Remains of the Day' found it's way into my hands at a bored moment, so I started reading. It was wonderful - a new reading experience. Nothing much...
  4. Dave

    Never Let Me Go: Kazuo Ishiguro

    I believe that this is another book, a Booker Prize nominee, whose author would not wish it to be described as Science Fiction, but which is pure SF of the classic kind to me. It is set in an alternative Present Day England which has diverged from reality sometime after the Second World War...