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katherine kerr

  1. Leadbelly

    Katherine Kerr sub-forum?

    I've noticed there's no Katherine Kerr sub-forum and am just wondering why? Surely she is important enough to be included? Out of all the fantasy authors I've read her work seems the most realistic, the most gritty and satisfying to me. I love the Celts(all my children have Celtic names) and...
  2. dekket

    Katherine Kerr - What is the basis for the Horsekin?

    As a long term Katherine Kerr fan I have always enjoyed the fact that the People of Bel (the inhabitants of Deverry and Eldidd) were Gauls from Earth who were fleeing the Roman invasions (back in the Dawntime), and sailed through the mists to Ammwn (the western isles). It has also been...
  3. Teresa Edgerton

    Katharine Kerr

    Another writer whose name comes up from time to time, and yet somehow lacks an active thread. Katharine Kerr, author of the excellent and popular Deverry books, and occasionally of fine science fiction. She also edits anthologies from time to time. Come out of hiding and make yourselves...
  4. rune

    The Dragon Mage - Katherine Kerr

    Can anyone tell me what this series is like? I've got the first book and found it only 'so, so'. I thought it would like the Deverry Series. So has anyone read this series and what did you think?