kage baker

  1. A

    The House of Stag-Kage Baker

    The House of Stag Kage Baker Tor, Sep 2008, $24.95 ISBN: 9780765317452 The Yendri are a gentle innocent people living in contentment in their valley protected from outsiders by mountains until the Riders showed up. They viciously enslave the tranquil Yendri, working them in the fields until...
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    The Empress Of Mars-Kage Baker

    The Empress Of Mars Kage Baker Tor, May 12 2009, $25.95 ISBN: 0765318903 After terraforming a moon colony into a mega profit, the British based Aerean Company has done likewise on Mars. However, unlike the great success on the moon, the Martian project has run into financial trouble as the...
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    Not Less Than Gods-Kage Baker

    Not Less Than Gods Kage Baker Tor, Mar 16 2010, $25.99 ISBN: 9780765318916 In London in 1825, unmarried Lady Amalthea R. gives birth to a boy. Neither aristocratic parent wants to raise him so Dr. Nennys leaves the newborn with Mr. and Mrs. Bell who recently gave birth to a stillborn. They...
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    Bird of the River-Kage Baker

    Bird of the River Kage Baker Tor, Jul 20 2010, $25.99 ISBN 9780765322968 In spite of her pledge to her two offspring to lay off the drug, Falena could not resist smoking Yellow that has them wandering from town to town seeking either a diving gig or an uncle; though the latter has become...
  5. clovis-man

    Something Besides The Company

    I just finished reading The House Of The Stag. This is the second of the three fantasy novels she wrote. I had read The Anvil Of The World a while back and felt it was time to move further into this series. I wasn't entirely prepared for how much I would like this one. My review on Goodreads...
  6. clovis-man

    An Ongoing Traversal Of The Company Stories

    Nothing much on this forum since her passing. Thought it might be about time for a new thread/post. I'm continuing to work my way (in order) through the Company novels (and short stories). Reading The Graveyard Game currently. It's a great read: great story.Great characters. A wonderful...
  7. murphy

    Kage Baker 6/10/1952 - 1/31/2010 RIP

    Kage Baker died this morning. Green Man Review / 24 January 2010
  8. Brian G Turner

    Kage Baker - Sky Coyote

    Original review by Elaine Frei: The Company, a 24th century corporation that has learned the secrets of time travel and immortality, has decided in its infinite wisdom - or at least in its quest for ever more profit - to preserve intact a Chumash Indian village on the coast of southern...
  9. Brian G Turner

    Kage Baker - Mendoza in Hollywood

    Original review by Elaine Frei: Good news for fans of Kage Baker's series of novels of the Company. Mendoza is back, attitude intact and ready to get herself in trouble yet again. Mendoza has spent decades wandering the wilds of northern and central California, happily alone and collecting...
  10. Brian G Turner

    Kage Baker - The Graveyard Game

    Original review by Elaine Frei: What to do with an immortal cyborg who can't or won't follow the rules? Or with a whole group of cyborgs who were programmed to do things their masters no longer want done, and who - left to their own devices - threaten the very mortals who made them? These are...
  11. Brian G Turner

    Kage Baker - In The Garden of Iden

    Original review by Elaine Frei: In The Garden of Iden, by Kage Baker, does a good job of masquerading as a romance novel set in the England of Bloody Mary Tudor. The reader who picks it up expecting that it is only that is in for quite a surprise. Yes, it takes place, for the most part, in...
  12. rune

    Link to Kage Baker Website

    Here's a link to this author's website http://www.kagebaker.com/ Quite informative and got some info about her up coming books :D
  13. A

    Mendoza In Hollywood?

    I'm not sure if anyone can answer my question since I am in the US and this is a UK forum, but does anyone know why "Mendoza in Hollywood" is such a hard to find book in the states? The cheapest copy I could find is about $25.00 for a used copy, when all the other books in the series are...
  14. L

    "The Life of the World to Come"

    No, I haven't gotten my grubby little hands on it yet...but the library finally allowed me to request it. So, soon, hopefully. I did take a look at it in the bookstore shortly before Christmas, read the first few pages, and I think it's going to be a good one. There's one person in line...
  15. rune

    Tell Me Why?

    I've not read any works by this author before, so fans of his tell me why I should try him :)
  16. rune

    Bibliography - Kage Baker

    I've found this published information for Kage Baker. Please do feel free to add any books I've missed or if you know of any future releases for this author :D Company On Company Time (omnibus) (1996) 1. In the Garden of Iden (1997) 2. Sky Coyote (1999) 3. Mendoza in Hollywood...
  17. L

    Which is your favorite?

    This is a very simple poll: Which of Kage Baker's novels of The Company is your favorite, and why? I'll start. I like all of them, but I have to say that "Mendoza in Hollywood" is my favorite. There are several reasons. One is a very silly reason: Baker has set the scene for most of the action...
  18. L

    The world of the Company

    I am fascinated by the world Kage Baker has created in her novels of the Company. I think it is richly textured and wonderfully realized. I'm especially intrigued by how she treats our future. I think that basically what she did was postulate a future in which political correctness has taken...
  19. Marianne

    Kage Baker

    I read an interview of hers in Locus this summer so I just ordered the first two books of her Company series. Has anyone read her books? If so, what did you think?