juliana spink mills

  1. Perpetual Man

    Heart Blade by Juliana Spink Mills

    There is the old adage about not judging a book by the cover, and this is one of those novels where I did just that. I am not one for reading the blurb on the back, feeling that it sometimes can give away something of the story I am about to read. So I settled down to read Heart Blade expecting...
  2. Juliana

    Heart Blade ebook free until Nov 12th

    To celebrate the publication of Book 2, Night Blade, the first novel in my Blade Hunt Chronicles series, Heart Blade, is free for Kindle until November 12th. :) You can find it on Amazon...
  3. ratsy

    Night Blade by Juliana Spink Mills out now!

    Good morning everyone, Night Blade by @Juliana is now out! The sequel to Heart Blade is just $2.99 for the first week so why not support an awesome author, and get a deal on a great book? Night Blade Amazon Embrace the night.
  4. The Big Peat

    Heart Blade by Juliana Spink-Mills

    This is the review of a YA Urban Fantasy by someone who doesn't really want YA. Or that much Urban Fantasy either. As such, I am somewhat unsure about this description, but Heart Blade seems to be very archetypal of both. It is the tale of a half-demon named Del. In Heart Blade's universe...
  5. ratsy

    Night Blade - Blade Hunt Chronicles Book 2 Cover Reveal/Release date

    Night Blade is being released by Woodbridge Press on November 7th! The cover was done by Tom Edwards, and we decided to go for the clean, Sword/object look, and Juliana and I really love the results. We also have some new Chapter POV icons for this one, so look out for those. This book is...
  6. ratsy

    Heart Blade sale!

    Heart Blade by @Juliana is on sale for only 0.99 until April 6th. If you haven't got a copy, now is the time! Heart Blade: Blade Hunt Chronicles Book One eBook: Juliana Spink Mills, Teresa Edgerton: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N22UGJT/?tag=id2100-20 The paperback...
  7. ratsy

    Heart Blade $0.99 launch

    Hello Everyone! Heart Blade by our very own @Juliana is still only $0.99 for a couple days. If you have been thinking of getting it, do it before the price goes up! Get it here The paperback is available as well See what the people are saying about it at Goodreads
  8. Juliana

    Heart Blade launch week promos

    Hi all! I just wanted to let you know that Heart Blade has two launch week promos going at the moment. - The e-book is priced at 99c/99p - I'm running a paperback promo where the first 30 people to send me proof of purchase of the paperback will win a set of 4 exclusive Heart Blade character...
  9. Juliana

    Cover reveal for Heart Blade

    I'm pleased to finally be able to share the cover for my YA novel, Heart Blade (out February 14th). Art by Merilliza Chan. There's a full cover reveal and exclusive excerpt here: Cover reveal of Heart Blade by Juliana Spink Mills It's already up for e-book preorder on Amazon; paperback goes...
  10. ratsy

    Heart Blade - Book 1 of the Blade Hunt Chronicles

    I wanted to create a thread to give some updates on Juliana Spink Mills new book, coming February 14th, 2017. The cover art is amazing, and is almost done! I won't be sharing this for a couple months though....it's a secret. ;) The book has been through some extensive and awesome edits, and...