julia knight

  1. millymollymo

    Julia Knight AMA - Reddit

    Our resident KMQ is over on Reddit. Happening today 12/01/2016 as we speak... https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/40m0zy/hi_im_julia_knight_author_of_the_duellists/ Give her something to do other than write more books! Say hi, pick her authory brain... or tell her how awesome she is. Two...
  2. millymollymo

    Win a copy of Swords and Scoundrels!

    I interviewed the delightful Julia (Kiss Me Quick on Chrons) some time back with plans of hiding this fabulous piece of journalism (ahem) away on my quiet corner of the web. However, I think it does Julia and her books far more justice over on House on the Borderland...
  3. Kissmequick

    New series - The Duellists Trilogy

    By me (as Julia) Coming soon to a book shop near you More deets here