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  1. Extollager

    "The History of The Lord of the Rings": 2020 Discussion Group

    There's been a thread on the 12-volume History of Middle-earth, edited by the late Christopher Tolkien. https://www.sffchronicles.com/threads/1505/#post-12352 This thread is a place for discussion of the volumes of HoME specifically devoted to the story of Tolkien's writing of The Lord of the...
  2. TGStigmata

    What would you criticize or change about LotR, The Hobbit, or Silmarillion?

    New here and trying to get involved. I'm certainly more interested in the fantasy sword and sorcery side of SF and F, and Tolkein is of course one of my idols in the genre if not the greatest one. Every story could be improved or just seen with a different perspective though, so what bothers you...
  3. Hugh

    The Fall of Arthur by J.R.R.Tolkien

    I thought this was truly marvellous. I really enjoyed it. The book is made up of: (1) Five Cantos of Tolkien’s poem “The Fall of Arthur” (about 40 pages) (2) Brief notes on the poem (about 10 pages) (3) Three essays by Christopher Tolkien (i) The poem in Arthurian Tradition (ii) The...
  4. Hugh

    Best Lord of the Rings book set to buy?

    I'm intending to read the LOTR soon and would like to purchase an up to date hardback copy with all the trimmings i.e. fold out maps, appendices, whatever. I'm confused by the multitude of options available on Amazon. While I'm not up to a deluxe edition, I would like a decent copy to add to...
  5. Extollager

    Essential and noteworthy Tolkien-related books, essays, recordings, etc

    IMPORTANT BOOKS AND ARTICLES ON TOLKIEN AND MIDDLE-EARTH I’m bound to miss something with this first posting, especially in the category of individual essays rather than essay collections, but herewith a sincere response to J. D. Worthington’s request: Call for Reminiscences: The Earliest...
  6. B

    Howard or Tolkien, Which of them Had The Greatest Impact On Modern Fantasy ?

    When I think modern fantasy, the two names that come mind first are Robert E. Howard and J. R .R Tolkien. Howard gave us Conan, Kull, Bran Mak Morn , Solomon Kane ect. What we've come to know as heroic fantasy in the pulp tradition. Tolkien gave us The Hobbit , Lord of the Rings, The...
  7. Extollager

    Vintage Tolkien Fanzines

    My quest for a Mt. Doom - Mt. Elbrus connection http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/forum/546846-mt-doom-and-mt-elburz-in-the-caucasus.html has led me to spend time lately with my odds and ends of old Tolkien fanzines. In case others are interested, here are some notes on the availability of...
  8. Werthead

    Unfinished Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien

    Upon his death in 1973, J.R.R. Tolkien left behind a vast collection of writings about Middle-earth. His third son and literary executor, Christopher, assembled some of these into The Silmarillion, published in 1977, but the question about what to do with the other reams of material was...
  9. Extollager

    Tolkien and agrarianism

    Over at the thread on Dunsany selections for a college course, a discussion on Tolkien, gardening, etc. opened up. The discussion may continue here. Below is a review of an excellent book on Tolkien and agrarianism. It appeared in the very fine Tolkien newsletter Beyond Bree, edited by Nancy...
  10. Brian G Turner

    The Hobbit

    "The Hobbit" is simply about the original adventures of Bilbo Baggins, as he joins with a group of dwarves under the leadership of Gandalf to go slay a dragon – which will incidentally lead to Bilbo discovering the One Ring, that becomes the later focus of "Lord of the Rings". "The Hobbit"...
  11. Marky Lazer

    The Revived Tolkien Trivia

    Pyan and I, we's just went bonkers one day, I believe it had to do with the full moon. Now, we're those lost souls who like to spend nights on end searching for obscure passages in the works of the late J.R.R. Tolkien. And we decided to make a quiz of it... How it works At one point, this...
  12. devilsgrin

    The White Council

    Have long been wondering who the members of the White Council were... Obviously Saruman, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel and Celeborn were on it - it only makes sense, but were there others? Also who would have been the most powerful? Indeed, who would be the most powerful of the good beings in...
  13. danny

    The Hobbit

    The Hobbit was and still is a very good book. It was great with Smaug the dragon and all. An excellent read!
  14. L


    OMG check this out >> Beware it's a spoiler in a picture - Saruman :flash:
  15. L


    hm...Gondor. seems like a nice place. so hy did they have to splurt out a thing like Boromir eh? :D In the book I was like..ok he's a bit ierd. In the film I was scared of him! He has a strange thing about his face that creeped me out! So what do u guys think of the big ol' shield...
  16. Neo

    Lord of the Rings Merchandise

    Ok i for one have seen loads of merchandise on the net , in the shops etc... What have u seen, bought or would like to buy?