john le carré

  1. Extollager

    Ranking the Novels of John Le Carré

    Has anyone here read all of his novels? Probably we'll each just have to rank the handful that we have read. My list isn't worth much because some of these were read so long ago, such as A Murder of Quality (which I'd forgotten having read; I thought I'd read one called Call for the Dead...
  2. dask

    John le Carré (1931-2020)
  3. The Big Peat

    The Little Drummer Girl by John Le Carre

    After competing the Karla trilogy, Le Carre turned his attention to other theatres of clandestine conflict. The Little Drummer Girl is the first of those books and it takes us deep inside the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of a huge and varied cast. First and foremost of them is...
  4. Toby Frost

    The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carré

    John le Carré writes spy stories the way Raymond Chandler wrote crime thrillers: they are firmly withinin their genre, but they explore wider ideas. In his books about the adventures of a range of MI6 agents and their associates, Le Carré seems fascinated by ideas of loyalty and betrayal, and...
  5. Connavar

    John Le Carrè

    I know what type of spy books he writes. I was wondering if anyone here had read him? That his spy stories are more realistic than Bond type of spy stories are interesting but how are the action scenes in his books? Im not talking about big action scenes alà Bond. Wiki didnt say how the...