john langan

  1. Dan Jones

    Episode 22! On Short Stories with John Langan

    Christopher and I are joined once more by horror writer John Langan, whose great horror novel The Fisherman finally is out now in the UK, an inexplicable seven years after being first published in most other territories. John talks to us about the health and wellbeing of Laird Barron, one of...
  2. Dan Jones

    Episode 21 & 22 - Gone Fishin' with John Langan

    Ahoy ahoy! When @Phyrebrat and I were drawing up our wish list for guests on the podcast, there was one name that the Beanstalker was adamant that we try and get. That was the American author John Langan, who joins us for this episode. John is one of the masters of modern horror and whose...
  3. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    John Langan

    A new horror writer, with several stories in well-regarded magazines and anthologies and a novel happening. Here's my review of his debut short story collection. Mr. Gaunt and other uneasy encounters John Langan Prime Books <Photo 1>This is John Langan's first short story collection (by now...