john christopher

  1. Toby Frost

    The New Yorker on John Christopher's "Tripods" books

    I remember reading these when I was about 10, and being frightened by the 1980s TV show. They were pretty good, I think: in particular, the vision of ruined Europe and the idea of the "capping" ceremony stick in my mind. An Early Dystopian Trilogy About Resistance—and What Comes After
  2. Extollager

    John Christopher interview with cover reproductions

    Just ran across this interview with the author of the Tripods books, No Bade of Grass, etc.:
  3. Extollager

    John Christopher passes

    John Christopher died yesterday (Feb. 4). Like many of us, I suppose, I have read little of his work -- the famous Tripods trilogy; No Blade of Grass; and one other, a young-adult post-plague kind of story. I saved the issues...
  4. Alia

    John Christopher: Bibliography

    Tripods 1. When the Tripods Came (1967) 2. The White Mountains (1967) 3. The City of Gold and Lead (1967) 4. The Pool of Fire (1968) The Tripods Trilogy (omnibus) (1980) Tripods Boxed Set (omnibus) (2003) Prince in Waiting 1. The Prince in Waiting (1970) 2. Beyond the Burning Lands...