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  1. J-Sun

    Haldeman named Grand Master

    SFWA Announcement Chrons thread on Haldeman I'm really happy with this one - the best GM award in years.
  2. AE35Unit

    The Forever War by Joe Haldeman (1974 etc)

    This is war story that covers both space and time. William Mandella is a soldier drafted in to fight an ongoing war with an alien race known as the Taurans. They're called Taurans because, well, "Aldebaraniams is a ,little hard to handle!" That is from the book and is just one example of the...
  3. AE35Unit

    Joe Haldeman

    Wel this book I'm reading,The Forever War,is zipping along nicely. Its one of those hard to put down books and I'm not even half way thru yet. Are his other books as readable as this? Its strange because this book is all military gung ho A la the film Aliens,but you get the feeling the author...
  4. Anthony G Williams

    The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

    This Hugo and Nebula award-winning story of interstellar warfare was first published in book form in 1974, but in a different version from the one the author intended. It originally appeared in serialised form in Analog magazine but one of the sections was felt by the book publishers to be too...
  5. Omphalos

    Marsbound, by Joe Haldeman

    Carmen Dula can't decide if she is lucky or unlucky. Her family has just won a coveted lottery award: The right to emigrate to Mars. But at nineteen years old, and a member of the first group of colonists to include children of any age, her social prospects are pretty dim. Haldeman starts us off...
  6. D_Davis

    Mindbridge - Joe Haldeman

    Mindbridge - Joe Haldeman After I read The Forever War, I knew that Haldeman was a good writer. After reading Mindbridge I am prepared to declare him a great writer. Mindbridge is a perfect example of how solid writing and interesting execution can turn even the most basic of genre convention...
  7. S

    The Forever War

    Forever War by Joe Haldeman The Last good SF book I read was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. Joe wrote the FW after coming back from Vietnam as a Combat Soldier. The FW is one of those books that, I believe, we will see less and less of. It is a SF, but its greatest impact is social...
  8. Dave

    Joe Haldeman: Forever Peace

    This is an excellent book: At least a 9/10. Go and read it! Unlike ‘The Forever War’, there are no bug-eyed aliens in this book, just human nature itself. Set in the not too distant future (2043) space travel is still as limited as today, but the book has almost everything else: A...
  9. Dave

    Joe Haldeman: The Forever War

    I've been meaning to read 'The Forever War' for many, many years. I finally started it yesterday. It is as good as everyone said that it was. This is Joe Haldeman's website: These are a few book reviews...