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  1. Jo Zebedee

    First con!

    So, I can formally announce this. I've been invited to be a panellist and take part in a reading night at Titancon in Belfast in September. As you can see it's an amazing line up and I'll be excited to meet so many authors, both international and Irish, at it...
  2. Brian G Turner

    Review: Abendau's Heir by Jo Zebedee

    Picking up a book by an independent publisher, I have to admit my expectations were not high. Surely such a book wouldn't be able to compete with commercial standard fiction I normally read from major publishers? How very wrong I was. The story opens well, and the stakes are quickly made...
  3. Jo Zebedee

    Scenes for readings

    Since I now have guinea pigs to ask... I have two readings to come up with. One is in a couple of weeks time at my launch event (14th May) for about 10 mins. The other is bigger - it's for a con with a few other decent readers there. Like Joe Abercrombie. And that's terrifying because I've...
  4. Jo Zebedee

    goodreads page

    thanks to @SJAB for reminding me about this one, this is the link to my goodreads page:
  5. Brian G Turner

    Pronunciation of Kare?

    Not one for No to answer yet - I just wondered how other readers of Abendau imagine the pronunciation of Kare? Personally I hear something like "car - ray". Any other suggestions, or do you all agree with me? ;)
  6. Jo Zebedee

    Sff world interview

    Just up today, an interview about Abendau and processes with the fantastic sffworld. Their interviews are so good and really varied:
  7. Brian G Turner

    Abendau's Heir discussion

    I dipped into this last night and read the prologue, and was very impressed - I know Jo has had a few choice words to say about prologues, and here she demonstrated that she knew exactly what she was talking about. The character dynamics were excellent, especially how she turned Ealyn into a...
  8. Gary Compton

    Abendau's Heir is published.

    Well after all the work AH is on Amazon UK or Amazon US. Just waiting for them to add "Look Inside," and paperback should follow in a day or so. TBP stock has been ordered so anyone who ordered on our website will get prob beginning of next week. Free ebooks being emailed tomorrow. Alot of...
  9. Jo Zebedee

    Irish fiction Friday

    The Dublin bid team for Worldcon 2019 are featuring Irish sff writers each Friday and this week it was me with a Secret Santa I wrote for @Phyrebrat a while ago.
  10. Gary Compton

    Abendau's Heir - 20,380 minutes and counting...

    Okay the wonderful editorial team have finished with the story so grateful thanks to Teresa Edgerton and Sam Primeau. To celebrate the ticking clock we have an offer. Up to publication date of 31st March, if you buy the paperback on the TBP website, you get the book signed and... get a...
  11. Gary Compton

    Abendau's Heir by Jo Zebedee - Press Release

    WRITER SIGNS THREE-BOOK DEBUT DEAL WITH TICKETY BOO PRESS Abendau’s Child is the first book in the Abendau Trilogy. Jo first started writing this marvellous story when she was sixteen. She re-visited the space opera when she turned forty. Her writing had reached such a level that Molly Ker Hawn...
  12. Jo Zebedee

    New chronversation - 11th January 9pm GMT

    The next Twitter panel is on. Whoo hoo! It's on 11th January, on Twitter at 9pm GMT, discussing writing groups: what makes a good one; how they can assist your writing; what to put in place to ensure they meet needs; virtual and face-to-face protocols and any other devilishly hard questions you...
  13. Jo Zebedee

    Twitter panel: using humour in genre writing

    We have a first panel set up for 23 November at 11 am GMT, looking at humour in sff. The panellists are: TobyFrost, the author of the Space Captain Smith novels, science-fiction comedies telling of the exploits of a British space explorer and his less-than-intrepid crew. The fifth in the...
  14. Jo Zebedee

    The Turing Test

    I had a new short published about the Turing test today. It was a story I had lots of fun writing and can be found here: A Crime of Intelligence - Kraxon Magazine Happy happy me.
  15. Jo Zebedee

    My website

    I'm feeling terribly serious now as a writer... I have a website. There are a few more things to go onto it, which will be uploaded in the next day or two: sample chapters of each of the books. I'm hoping it reflects something of the nature of the books, science...