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  1. Jo Zebedee

    New interview.

    I had a long, detailed interview here: The blog is an absolute treasure trove of author interviews. I'm not sure how well I do these things - I might need to dig up more amusing anecdotes - but I enjoyed...
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    Inish Carraig Goodreads page

    Just a quicky, my new Goodreads page is up. Nothing on it as yet, but here's the link:
  3. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - pre order available

    I have mastered the first bit of Amazon and got something up! Cover is to be snazzied up in the next day or two with the final file and what not, but Inish Carraig is up for pre order. (It's also on...
  4. Jo Zebedee

    Interview with added Smut

    What I didn't do was name our eminent, upstanding (hah!) @alchemist as the lead schoolboy-giggler.... He started it all. Anyway, the fabulous Catherine Townsend did a great interview with me, with lots of hard questions. She plans a series of these, so worth marking the blog down as one to...
  5. Jo Zebedee


    so, after looking at @Ian Whates post about reviews last week and being hugely impressed, I went and had a look at mine. I'm astonished that across the three main platforms, amazon uk, us and goodreads, I have 20 reviews (I've only been out a couple of months) and an average rating of 4.6...
  6. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - free short story

    This was the prologue but I've decided to release it as a free short on my blog instead. It introduces one of the two protagonists, Henry, in a fairly gruesome manner. I hope it's enjoyable. :)
  7. Brian G Turner

    Review: Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

    This is an exceptional novel. The pace is incredible, with hard-hitting characters, and a powerful plot. It’s also intelligent, and cleverly juxtaposes the sectarianism of Northern Ireland with that of two different alien races with interests on Planet Earth. The story: John is a fifteen-year...
  8. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - cover reveal

    So, here we are. Designed by the fab Gary Compton of Tickety boo covers. The blurb goes like this: Post-alien invasion Belfast. Earth has been defeated. Pity the locals aren't listening. Belfast teenager John Dray will do whatever he has to to survive. When he's offered desperately-needed...
  9. Alias Black

    How do you pronounce Kare?

    I know this is a silly question, but it troubles me when I read aloud in my head. Is it "Kar-Rei"? or "Care"?
  10. Alias Black

    Can't wait to start reading

    Just got the book on my Kindle. The "dark space opera with a fantasy feel" really, really intrigued me. I'm working on a novel that's sci-fi written as fantasy, so I'm excited to see how you did yours and hopefully learn something from it. Also, the book launch seems to be off to a great start...
  11. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - incoming!

    I am finally in the position to confirm that Inish Carraig will be released soon. (Hopefully early July.) I have a copy edit to get by Sam Primeau and the lovely Gary is producing a cover for me. In the meantime I'll pick all the spers' brains! The tagline: In post-alien invasion Belfast...
  12. Jo Zebedee

    World tour...

    So, I'm on a world tour. This began accidentally when my uncle's sister sent a pic of Abendau under a road sign in Wales and posted it on Facebook. Since then I've had pictures of it in Italy masquerading on a bookcase, Australia, twice, once by @mgilmour on the ipad and an upside down...
  13. Jo Zebedee

    In which I make my mum proud...

    Culture NI, no less. Very swish. :)
  14. M

    Review of Abendau's Heir

    Just posted the following review on Amazon, SFFAuthors and about to tweet and FB it. Jo Zebedee should be proud of her debut scifi novel, Abendau's Heir. From the first page the reader can feel her love of the genre and her love of the characters that inhabit her universe. It’s clear that she...
  15. M

    Just bought Jo's book!

    Jo, this one's for you :-) I've just purchased your book and look forward to reading it. Just to let you know I've plastered the photo all around the place; Published it up on SFFAuthors, sent it out to thousands of facebook and twitter followers and I'll put it up on my own authors website at...
  16. Jo Zebedee

    Review - Nerds-of-a-feather

    The fabulous @Nerds_feather and his team kindly popped a review up on Abendau's Heir: Next time: more bunnies. :) Noted.
  17. Jo Zebedee

    Goodreads giveaway

    I have a giveaway up here: I'm sort of astonished how many people have entered and how many have listed the book as to-read from it. :)
  18. Jo Zebedee

    Promo and things!

    Lots of things coming up. Cheering on and sedating and saying hi if you're around in person would be fab. So: This Saturday and Sunday I am comic conning at the King's Hall in Belfast. I will be signing copies of books at the Easons stand (near where the celebrity photos are happening.) I will...
  19. Brian G Turner

    Ealyn's motivations - spoilers

    When I first read Ealyn I was sympathetic to him - he's tortured by visions of the future, and as a POV character it's hard to be against him. And yet when he flew his ship into the other, killing both him and Karia, I couldn't believe it. I disbelieved it. I presumed that it was a mistake, a...
  20. Kerrybuchanan

    Interview with Jo Zebedee

    Jo Zebedee recently had her first book, Abendau’s Heir, published by the small independent publisher, Tickety Boo Press. Abendau’s Heir is the first book in a trilogy, but Jo has other completed works out there now, doing the rounds of publishers and agents. She is by no means a one-trick-pony...