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  1. Jo Zebedee

    Sunset Over Abendau - Prologue

    With a week to go until release, have a little teaser. Here we see what happened to the Empress after book one, and catch up with another familiar face. :) SUNSET OVER ABENDAU - Prologue The ship’s engines shut down, leaving a heavy silence. Averrine looked through her viewing port to the...
  2. Jo Zebedee

    Sunset over Abendau - first review

    by the fab @Cathbad - and I'm pretty floored by it. In a good way. :) Cathbad's F&SF Short Story Blog: Sunset Over Abendau, by Jo Zebedee
  3. Jo Zebedee

    Novel Ideas - television interview

    For those not in Northern Ireland, this was my television interview a few weeks ago. In it I talk about my books and plans, writing inspirations and why you should never, ever start with a trilogy. :)
  4. Jo Zebedee

    Podcast - on being happy

    This is one of the two podcasts I did last weekend, about my approach to writing and life and what not. The Chrons gets lots of mentions! The Woman Who Toppled Star Wars - Stephen Gordon
  5. Jo Zebedee

    dulcet (ha!) tones on the radio

    I'm on the radio tomorrow talking about the places that inspired Inish Carraig (my Northern Irish based sci fi) It was recorded at the harbour John leaves for the prison on a wild, Atlantic storm day - totally appropriate for Inish - with the wind whipping my words away. (I also don't say...
  6. Tim Murray

    Just finished Abendau's Heir

    This might belong in another thread, but here it goes. I just finished reading Jo's book. I recommend it to any of you fellow chroner's who haven't. Is was an engaging read from front to back.
  7. Jo Zebedee

    Coming in 2017 - Waters and the Wild

    finally have dotted my is and crossed my ts and can announce that my first fantasy book, Waters and the wild, will be coming out in 2017 with Inspired Quill. Waters is more literary than my sci fi work. It's set in the glens of Antrim (Game of Thrones country - the end scene takes place in the...
  8. Jo Zebedee

    Bargain! Inish Carraig -99p/c

    Quick shout out! Inish Carraig is 99p/c for one week from tomorrow (23 November) 'we have xenocide, conspiracies, a prison, a pair of alien races who despise each other, a Galactic Council, and two young boys caught up in the middle of all of the above.' - JD Goff It's getting amazing reviews...
  9. Jo Zebedee

    shoe shopping must commence!

    I reached a bit of a milestone when I woke today and found Inish carraig on ten reviews on Amazon UK - and they're all five stars. The latest's headline is read. this. book. Floored. In a good way. A day off beckons. :)
  10. Jo Zebedee

    Review on

    Pretty delighted with this: Seriously fab reviews - 4.9 Goodreads, 5 Amazon UK, something like 4.6 Amazon US. :)
  11. Jo Zebedee

    Reviews et al

    I've had a blast this week. In the last 4 days I've had a five star review every day. This is my Amazon UK review link: 8 reviews and I'm on five stars,which I'm delighted with. On Amazon US...
  12. Jo Zebedee

    Titancon and Bristolcon - the inside stories

    okay, what I'm hoping with this thread (that I'll link to regularly from fb and twitter) is to give a low down of what it's like to be an author at your first convention. I could have done it on my blog but community engagement is more fun, and some of the more experienced conners like @Teresa...
  13. millymollymo

    Author Interview: Jo Zebedee

    Jo agreed to be the first I interviewed for House On The Borderland a new SFF/H web-zine. Brave lass, that Jo. (Thank you Jo!)
  14. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - 99p/c offer

    Hi, posting today because I'm busy with work-work tomorrow, but just to say Inish Carraig is going to 99p/c on a Kindle countdown deal tomorrow - 18th September (always assuming I've set it up right...), for a week.
  15. Jo Zebedee

    Good reads giveaway - Inish Carraig

    Hi, all, just to say I'm doing a giveaway of Inish Carraig on Goodreads from today. Given that I don't have a huge amount of stock it will probably be the only one I run, and it's for a signed paperback. Details here...
  16. Teresa Edgerton

    Bibliography -- Jo Zebedee

    Novels Abendau's Heir (Tickety Boo Press 2015) Inish Carraig (2015) Sunset Over Abendau (Tickety Boo Press 2016) Abendau's Legacy (Tickety boo Press, autumn 2016) Waters and the Wild (Inspired Quill, 2017) Anthologies: Silver Threads of Coralline and Ain't No Ghosts: Malevolence (Tickety...
  17. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - Live!

    Excitement! Live on Kindle from today. Look Inside is working! Thanks as ever to all the Chronners for great support - you're all in the acknowledgements, some named and shamed - and if anyone preordered, hopefully you should have a shiny copy already delivered...
  18. Jo Zebedee

    Launch night - ideas

    So, Inish Carraig launches on Friday and some of you have been chatting in fb and twitter about something for it. For those the concept is new to, the author turns up and answers questions and what not on some form of social media. At the moment I'm leaning to facebook because my family et al...
  19. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig - paperback

    so, Amazon moved quicker than I expected, and Inish Carraig is available in paperback here: I'm still working on getting Search Inside added, so the start can be viewed, and it will another day or so before both editions are linked (the...
  20. Brian G Turner

    Jo Zebedee's favourite books

    Which are your favourite novels, both historically and now? Are there any particularly books you think other writers should be reading? Which are the stand-out YA novels for you? Just thought I'd ask. :)