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    Titancon - you tube clip

    tonight was literature night at my favourite, by a long margin, con, and I was reading. Here it is: Tomorrow I'm on various panels, playing 8/10 cats do countdown, eating mexican, karaoke-ing with Pat Cadigan and wearing a lovely beard. Oh and entering a cake into an unofficial Bake off.
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    Sneak preview - chapter one, Abendau's Legacy

    Just one month to go and then Abendau is finished and out there in the big wide world. This is the first chapter, one I feel there's a certain inevitability within. In a good way. JoZebwrites: Abendau's Legacy - sneak preview
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    Launches, conventions and fizzy wine

    I have a lot coming up. I do realise not that many of you will get to the Ireland stuff, but there's also a facebook launch happening. What I haven't mentioned in my post below is that on Friday night, I'll be reading to an audience which includes Peter F Hamilton, Pat Cadigan and Ian...
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    Free! Abendau short story

    How Ealyn escaped from the prism cell: JoZebwrites: CRACKS IN TIME - EALYN'S ESCAPE
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    Talking sf

    The fab sffn interviewed me in advance of Abendau's Legacy. Jo Zebedee - Science Fiction Voices - Sci-fi and Fantasy Network
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    Live event - Keystroke Medium

    Next Monday 5 September, I'm chatting books with Josh Hayes and Keystroke Medium. The link is below, but it's also on my facebook page. Come along! LIVE! with Jo Zebedee
  7. Vertigo

    Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

    I thoroughly enjoyed this first contact story from Jo Zebedee. It strikes an excellent balance between character- and plot-driven story. There are around half a dozen major characters who are all well drawn and easy to either sympathise with or dislike as appropriate and the plot, whilst not...
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    Abendau's Legacy on pre-order, and save a quid!

    And it's doing well - big thanks to any Chronners who've already picked it up. There's a pound/dollar off on pre-order and it will wing its way to your kindle on 24th October. 'Kare's a different man than when he last faced his mother. He knows what she is capable of if she regains her galactic...
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    Exclusive short story - the Wishing Bridge

    ‘The Wishing Bridge’ – a short fiction exclusive to mailing list subscribers: Newsletter - Jo Zebedee ‘At a certain time of year, the wind whips dandelion clocks into the air. They carry to the bridge to catch in its wire mesh. They line it, fifty of them, sometimes a hundred, trapped and...
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    Sunset Over Abendau world tour

    I didn't know if this would happen again, but it seems it is! So far, we've been to Maui with Ratsy, Sao Paulo with Juliana, and Cornwall with @StormFeather. We've also managed Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and New York. Oh and Northern Ireland. Anyhow, some fun photos and the winner wins a...
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    Cheapies and freebies!

    I have promotions on the go! On Goodreads I'm giving away a copy of Sunset over Abendau, book two in my Space Opera trilogy Book giveaway for Sunset Over Abendau by Jo Zebedee Jun 17-Jun 25, 2016 To say this one is getting good reviews, is an underestimation - it's outclassing my other two...
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    the time has finally come! Up until now I've maintained most of my platforms individually but I am simply swamped at the moment and, with 2 more books coming out over the next 12 months, and a few shorts, things don't look like getting any easier. As a result, I've tried to find a place where...
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    Launch party!

    I am having the virtual launch party this Saturday night for Sunset over Abendau between 7-9 pm. Anyone on facebook, feel free to come along, drop in and say hi, or even just share a few posts. Everything is appreciated! Sunset Over Abendau Launch Party For anyone in and around Belfast, I...
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    Sunset Over Abendau - Prologue

    With a week to go until release, have a little teaser. Here we see what happened to the Empress after book one, and catch up with another familiar face. :) SUNSET OVER ABENDAU - Prologue The ship’s engines shut down, leaving a heavy silence. Averrine looked through her viewing port to the...
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    Sunset over Abendau - first review

    by the fab @Cathbad - and I'm pretty floored by it. In a good way. :) Cathbad's F&SF Short Story Blog: Sunset Over Abendau, by Jo Zebedee
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    Novel Ideas - television interview

    For those not in Northern Ireland, this was my television interview a few weeks ago. In it I talk about my books and plans, writing inspirations and why you should never, ever start with a trilogy. :)
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    Podcast - on being happy

    This is one of the two podcasts I did last weekend, about my approach to writing and life and what not. The Chrons gets lots of mentions! The Woman Who Toppled Star Wars - Stephen Gordon
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    dulcet (ha!) tones on the radio

    I'm on the radio tomorrow talking about the places that inspired Inish Carraig (my Northern Irish based sci fi) It was recorded at the harbour John leaves for the prison on a wild, Atlantic storm day - totally appropriate for Inish - with the wind whipping my words away. (I also don't say...
  19. Tim Murray

    Just finished Abendau's Heir

    This might belong in another thread, but here it goes. I just finished reading Jo's book. I recommend it to any of you fellow chroner's who haven't. Is was an engaging read from front to back.
  20. Jo Zebedee

    Coming in 2017 - Waters and the Wild

    finally have dotted my is and crossed my ts and can announce that my first fantasy book, Waters and the wild, will be coming out in 2017 with Inspired Quill. Waters is more literary than my sci fi work. It's set in the glens of Antrim (Game of Thrones country - the end scene takes place in the...