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  1. Highlander II

    1.02: The Boone Identity

    ** THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD ** A man hires Harry when he thinks he is being haunted by his daughter who was killed in a robbery. Airdate: 01/28/07
  2. Highlander II

    [Dresden] Summer Knight - Audiobook

    Buzzy Multimedia has the SK audiobook ready for pre-order. More information can be found HERE. There's an offer of a free tote bag if you pre-order before 14 February 2007. There are also 3 chapters available for download as previews! :)
  3. Highlander II

    1.01: Birds of a Feather

    A boy comes to Dresden with a story of monsters out to get him. Which is a highly simplified plot summary, but that's okay. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE LISTED AND POTENTIALLY ALL 8 BOOKS IN THIS THREAD!
  4. Highlander II

    Codex Alera - Cursor's Fury

    This is book 3 in the Codex Alera series and there are SAMPLE CHAPTERS up on Jim's site. Have a peek! (( I haven't read this series yet - but I'll get to it. ))
  5. Highlander II

    [Dresden] White Night - due out April 2007

    WARNING!! The blurb I'm about to link to has SPOILERS for previous books in the series! If you have not read the previous 8 books, you may be spoiled for aspects of them. You have been warned! Back cover blurb for White Night This will be book 9 in the Dresden Files series...
  6. Highlander II

    The Dresden Files TV show on SciFi

    I'd put this in the TV section - but there isn't, currently, an appropriate location for it. But the SciFi channel in the US is launching a TV show based on Jim Butcher's series of novels - The Dresden Files. Paul Blackthorne stars as Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden - a wizard for...
  7. Highlander II

    Official Jim Butcher Website and Message Board

    Aye - there are both! Jim's Site Jim's Messageboard Jim does post there from time-to-time, but he's in writing crunch ATM, so he might be a little scarce, but there are plenty of others to talk to! :) Uh - including Robert Wolfe - executive producer for the TV Series that SciFi is...
  8. dwndrgn

    Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files

    I know at least one other member here who is a fan of Jim Butcher's series, The Dresden Files so when I discovered some info, I figured I'd post it here fore the enjoyment of others. Here is the home webpage for the author: http://www.jim-butcher.com/ Here, are some sample chapters of the...
  9. Highlander II

    Butcher, Jim - Furies of Calderon

    Book 1 in the Codex Alera series is Furies of Calderon - I don't know a whole lot about the book, since I haven't finished reading it yet, but, so far, it's pretty interesting. It's a fantasy series that's he's been working on, and he's said that there may be 4 or 5 books to this one...
  10. dwndrgn

    Storm Front (Book Club)

    Start here. :D
  11. dwndrgn

    Jim Butcher's Dresden Files on TV

    The SciFi Channel has plans to create a series based on Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files series. The first of these books, Storm Front, was reviewed by me here: Storm Front. I think that this would make for an interesting show. Something I'd probably watch at the very least. Anything is...
  12. Highlander II

    Dresden Files - mini-series -

    The SciFi Channel has issued a press release that they are intending to produce a 2-hour mini-series for the Dresden Files!! They're changing the wizard's name from Harry to Erik - no big deal - and the Marsters fans are gonna be out in full force to get the PTB interested in using him for...
  13. dwndrgn

    "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher

    This first book in a new series has an intriguing premise; a modern day wizard who works much like a private investigator. The only difference is that he investigates the paranormal, the unusual or the downright spooky things that happen in today's Chicago. The story starts out much like a...
  14. Highlander II

    [Dresden] Fool Moon - audiobook

    Available for pre-order -- the Fool Moon audiobook - read by James Marsters. Available at Buzzy Multimedia There are MP3 samples from the book that you can download, and you can also order book 1 of the Dresden Files on audiobook - "Storm Front" - also read by James Marsters - The books...
  15. Highlander II

    [Dresden] "Death Masks" - available for pre-order

    Yep - book 5 in the Dresden Files (I'm gonna get ppl to read these books, darnit! :D) is now available for pre-order through amazon.com -- Go here for a quick link! You can also poke around the Official Jim Butcher Website for some other goodies! Have fun all!! :)
  16. Highlander II

    Harry Dresden - Wizard - update --

    Hidy all!! I've made some updates - okay, a lot of 'em - to my Dresden site. It's nothing terribly fancy --- just some little things here and there -- have a look -- play around --- tell me if you like! Later!!
  17. Highlander II

    Butcher, Jim -- The Dresden Files

    The Dresden Files Harry Dresden - the country's only publicly practicing wizard... he's in the book, under "WIZARDS" -- excerpt from "Storm Front" Chicago's got a reputation (what city doesn't), but maybe there's more than meets the eye... Well, there is if you ask Harry Dresden. He's...