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  1. K. Riehl

    [Dresden] Small Favor Due out April 2008

    I checked out the Jim Butcher message board and they have posted the cover art for the new book. Anyone have any advance information.? Anyone have an advance reader that they can taunt us with ?:)
  2. E

    Dresden Files/A Song of Ice and Fire

    Hi my friends, how are you? Below is the press release, enjoy :)First Dresden Files Poster: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contactSean J. JordanSales/Marketing DirectorDabel Brothers Publishingsjordan@dabelbrothers.com(770) 917-1946 Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 DABEL BROTHERS...
  3. E

    Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Graphic Adaptation

    Hi my friends, here is the official press release for the Dresden Files graphic adaptation, enjoy :)DABEL BROTHERS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE DRESDEN FILES, BUTCHER TO WRITE MINISERIES - NEWSARAMA
  4. Nikitta

    Question about The Dresden Files

    I just picked up Blood Rites by Jim Butcher because it looked interesting and funny, plus it was on sale. After bringing the book home, I realised that it's the sixth book in a series and now I wonder if that means that there will be a lot of things in the book that will make no sense to me or...
  5. Highlander II

    Season 1 on DVD

    Season 1 of the Dresden Files is due to release on DVD in August 2007.
  6. dwndrgn

    No second season for Dresden Files?

    So far it looks as if SciFi isn't planning on renewing The Dresden Files. A fan has organized a website for those interested in telling SciFi to get back to work and produce more of the series. If you are interested, here is the link: Renew the Dresden Files! As far as I know it had a great...
  7. B

    Storm Front has a new cover art.

    I went to my local Barnes and Noble yesterday and saw taht Storm Front has a new cover art that matches the cover art style of his more recent books such as Proven Guilty & Dead Beat. I prefer the original cover art because it just seems more eye catching to me. Also, BN sure has put a lot...
  8. purple_kathryn

    [Dresden] Proven Guilty query (possible spoilers)

    I'm reading this at the moment and there's a bit where Dresden talks about Maeves handmaiden crashing the werewolves wedding. I don't remember this at all....could anyone tell me what book this was in. I've either genuinely forgotten reading it (which wouldn't surprise me) or I've missed a...
  9. Highlander II

    1.12: Second City

    episode synopsis borrowed from TV.com: TV News - TV Shows - TV Listings - Entertainment News. Dresden and Murphy must work together to solve the mystery of a former gang member who drowns on dry land, miles from the nearest lake. Meanwhile, Murphy's father is in town, and he doesn't have a...
  10. Highlander II

    1.11: Things That Go Bump

    episode description borrowed from TV.com: TV News - TV Shows - TV Listings - Entertainment News Morgan and Ancient Mai must come to Harry for protection and shelter from powerful enemies of Mai's. They make it to the relative safety of Dresden's place, but suddenly find that they are all...
  11. Rothgar

    The Dresden Files - Humble Suggestions and Praise for the Sci-Fi Channel

    We all know how impossible it is to capture the true spirit of a book and translate it to a tv screen. Personally I think the people at the sci-fi channel are doing a good job trying to stay true to the spirit of The Dresden books. I started reading the books after I saw the first few...
  12. Highlander II

    1.10: What About Bob

    episode synopsis borrowed from TV.com Things seem to be going well between Harry and his new flame until she walks out on him... and takes Bob's skull. Now Dresden must find Bob and rescue him from the clutches of an old enemy. But will Bob want to be rescued? There will be SPOILERS...
  13. Highlander II

    1.09: The Other Dick

    episode synopsis borrowed from TV.com: TV News - TV Shows - TV Listings - Entertainment News When Chicago PI Jim Brennan is murdered by supernatural means, Harry must team up with Brennan's assistant to find the murderer. There will be spoilers in this thread.
  14. Highlander II

    1.08: Storm Front

    episode description borrowed from TV.com: We are introduced to Harry Dresden, private detective and practicing wizard. When he tries to help the Chicago Police Department solve a grisly murder, he finds himself the target of a homicidal magician. And as if that isn't bad enough, the High...
  15. Highlander II

    1.07: Walls

    episode description borrowed from TV.com: Harry investigates the death of a college student which leads him to a most unusual ring of thieves. A group of students is using magick to commit a series of impossible thefts, and Harry must stop them quickly. Not only because what they are doing is...
  16. Highlander II

    Conventions - etc -

    Jim Butcher is actually travelling around hitting several conventions this year. This weekend, he'll be at StellarCon in High Point, NC! I'll be stalking him... I mean... seeing him there. :) Later this month, he'll be at ICon in New York You can find a list of other events he'll be...
  17. Highlander II

    1.06: Soul Beneficiary

    episode description borrowed from TV.com: TV News - TV Shows - TV Listings - Entertainment News A man who believe that he is about to die is proven right... in Harry's office. As Harry tries to unravel the mystery, a terrible secret of Bob's comes to light. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS...
  18. Highlander II

    1.05: Bad Blood

    episode description borrowed from TV.com After a failed hit on her life, Chicago's most powerful vampire (Joanne Kelly) calls upon Harry Dresden. In debt to her for saving his life years before, he agrees to help her find the mastermind behind the plan to take her down. THERE WILL BE...
  19. Highlander II

    1.04: Rules of Engagement

    episode description borrowed from TV.com A beautiful young woman asks Harry to help her recover some stolen money. Before long, Dresden discovers a connection between this case and a dark, supernatural evil, and that his lovely client has been hiding something. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN...
  20. Highlander II

    1.03: Hair of the Dog

    episode blurb from TV.com: TV News - TV Shows - TV Listings - Entertainment News After a series of ritualistic murders, someone mentions the word "werewolf" so Harry, of course, gets dragged in. Thing is, it looks like the lycanthropes aren't the killers, they're the victims. THERE...