jim butcher

  1. Shingetsu

    Getting Turn Coat Signed

    On April 6th at 10 PM CST is the start of the signing. Or they do stuff till midnight when they release the book and get it signed or whatever, that is. But it's in Oak Brook, Illinois and I plan on going and buying the book and having Jim Butcher sign it. Anyone else getting the book signed...
  2. thepaladin

    Just over a week!

    The title says it...just over a week to wait. If all goes well i hope to pick it up the day it hits the shelves.
  3. Werthead

    Storm Front by Jim Butcher

    Over the past decade, The Dresden Files has turned into one of the big success stories of the urban fantasy genre. Set in modern-day Chicago, it follows the fortunes of Harry Dresden, a wizard-for-hire who offers his services to those in need (and who preferably can pay him). Mixing up elements...
  4. I

    Wild speculation thread* Possible spoilers*

    I have looked through this page and not seen a thread like this that I can see. I thought that as were about half way through the series (or So Mr Butcher has mentioned along the way) I thought we could do some wild speculation on how the series is going to end. Lets think outside the box...
  5. Highlander II

    [Dresden] - "Mean Streets" - Anthology

    "Mean Streets" - an anthology with one of Jim's stories - "The Warrior" - releases on 6 Jan 2009! And, in case you've missed the others: "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon" "Blood Lite" "Many Bloody Returns" For more info on the short stories...
  6. Highlander II

    Harry Dresden - wizard

    I thought I'd already dropped a thread in about my Harry Dresden site. It's not big, but it did just get a nice little redesign. Harry Dresden - Wizard I may add book reviews or other Dresden-style information as I have time, but for now, it's a list of available Dresden-related works and...
  7. E

    Jim Butcher's Dresden Files "Storm Front" Graphic Adaptation

    Hi my friends, here is the direct graphic adaptation of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files 'Storm Front', enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts. Thanks :) Dabel Brothers Publishing :: News :: The Dresden Files: "Storm Front" Creative Team Announced
  8. Highlander II

    Get 'em hooked!

    How many people have you gotten hooked on either the Dresden series or the Alera series? I've gotten, no fewer than 10 people directly hooked on Dresden and I don't even KNOW how many indirectly. Here's what I do: 1) Talk about the series to people. Not a lot, just a bit - get 'em...
  9. Highlander II

    [Dresden] "Turn Coat" - due out April 2009

    Turn Coat - book 11 of the Dresden Files, is due to release around April of 2009. So far, it doesn't look like Jim's got anything planned around that time, but it's still early yet.
  10. Highlander II

    The Codex Alera

    It seems all of the threads here center around Dresden (which does seem to be the more popular of Jim's current works), but he does have this other series. It's a high-fantasy series (sort of in the vein of the Tolkein types) and it's called The Codex Alera - generally shortened to just...
  11. Connavar

    Dresden Files Books newbie Discussion

    I was wondering if im the only one here reading early Dresden Files for the first time ? I just finished Fool Moon. I see several members show love for the series in these forums but most have read all books ,some are even rereading. Thought this thread would be for newbies and talk...
  12. Rothgar

    Dresden Files - Welcome to the Jungle (Comic)

    I picked up the first Dresden Files comic this weekend titled Welcome to the Jungle. It's the first part in an all new four part story. Here's a description of the story from Jim Butcher's website: "Harry Dresden is on the case again, this time investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln...
  13. Highlander II

    Small Favor - discussion (SPOILERS!)

    This is for discussion of Small Favor. ~~ THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD ~~ Spoilers do not have to be hidden in this thread. If you are reading here and have not read/finished the book - this is the warning post that spoilers will abound! Proceed at your own risk! :)
  14. B

    Jim Butcher signing at Borders in San Francisco - April 4th, 7pm

    Nice! That's pratically in my backyard (not quite, but almost). I walk into my local Borders and there it was; a sign that read, "Jim Butcher signing and and reading of Small Favor." (Hmm, I wonder if that's the reason why Borders is having a Jim Butcher sale?) I've never met any author that...
  15. B

    A Butcher-ing sale at Borders (US)

    Greetings Jim Butcher fans. US Borders stores will be having a sale for Jim Butcher mass market novels from 3/18 - 4/14. It is buy one get one free! Here's your chance to buy two or even three copies of the same novel in case you have a young child, cousin, or grandchild who is not quite...
  16. Shingetsu

    Lonely Dresden(spoilers)?

    I watched the TV series when it came on, and it was good. Which sucks that they got rid of it. I'm on Summer Knight (book 4) of the books. I'm surprised Harry doesn't just shoot himself, though I guess he looks like crap anyways from being in his lab all the time trying to find a cure for Susan...
  17. Highlander II

    Madicon - 2008

    I was at Madicon over the weekend, since Jim Butcher was in attendance, and sat in a couple of his panels - one about writing and one about The Dresden Files. Interesting stuff. The details of it are in my LiveJournal (Hugh Knows) and my InsaneJournal (Hugh Knows) - depending on your...
  18. Z

    Dresden Files - do they get any better?

    Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series sees a lot of recommendations around here and elsewhere and I decided to give them a try. Having just started the second book, Fool Moon, I've already had to put it down due to what I think is sloppy, lazy and, worst of all, unengaging writing. I did struggle...
  19. Highlander II

    Backup - chapter book

    Backup is a chapter book that will be released around Halloween of 2008. The info about the book and how to pre-order is here - ***** There are spoilers for some of the later books in the snippet! If you want the limited edition copy - order fast! They're almost sold out!
  20. Highlander II

    [Dresden] White Night - paperback release

    5 Feb 2008 Date for the release of book 9 - White Night - in paperback!