jerry pournelle

  1. Mike J Nagle

    Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Reading-Order Flowchart.

    Greetings. As promised, here is my flowchart for Pournelle's CoDominium series. I hope everyone finds it to be accurate and complete. Later, Mike
  2. Caliban

    Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)

    Science Fiction Author, Editor and Political Scientist Jerry Pournelle has died on the 8th of this month. In Memoriam: Jerry Pournelle - SFWA
  3. Harpo

    "Inferno" by Niven & Pournelle

    I found this great book secondhand recently, and I see that it was nominated for Hugo & Nebula awards in 1976. Anybody here read it? I'm enjoying it very much.
  4. Omphalos

    High Justice, by Jerry Pournelle

    Jerry Pournelle is best known these days as the long-time collaborator of Larry Niven. Together Niven and Pournelle in the 70's and 80's wrote some of the biggest, block-buster SF novels of all time, many of which can be found in this list that I am creating. Pournelle was also well known as...
  5. Omphalos

    The Legacy of Heorot, by Niven, Pournelle & Barnes

    I can clearly remember that at one particular point in my life when I decided that I loved SF and that I would do my damndest to read as much of it as possible. It was the day that I finished, for the first of many times, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s colonization and biological SF...
  6. Viktor Kuprin

    Jerry Pournelle undergoes radiation therapy

    Jerry Pournelle, creator of Falkenberg's Legion, the CoDominium universe, and co-author (with Larry Niven) of The Mote in God's Eye, Inferno, Lucifer's Hammer, and Footfall, is undergoing radiation therapy as treatment for a brain tumor. Though I have never agreed with most of Jerry's politics...
  7. Brian G Turner

    Jerry Pournelle - Starswarm

    Originally by Elaine Frei: Starswarm is the story of Kip Brewster, a boy with a secret. He has a voice in his head. His discovery that this voice, which he calls Gwen, has a perfectly logical explanation, only opens up his life to further, more serious, secrets. From this starting point...
  8. Carolyn Hill

    Fallen Angels by Niven, Pournelle, and Flynn

    So, if you’re like me, sitting there feeling bitter and nostalgic about the fact that humans aren’t yet living on the moon or Mars or mining the asteroids, what do you do if you’re not a rocket scientist or wealthy enough to pay your way into space? One thing I do is read (and reread) Fallen...
  9. L

    Pournelle, Niven and Barnes:- Legacy of Heorot

    Pournelle, Nivern and Barnes:- Legacy of Heorot Ok, I know its three different authors but they have to fit in somewhere. The book? Its a fantastic story. 200 humans and a ship full of frozen animal embryo's arrive at a planet called Tau Ceti four and set up a base on a small island next to a...
  10. Dave

    Jerry Pournelle

    Jerry Pournelle was employed in the space program for 15 years. He is Chairman of the US Citizen's Advisory Council on National Space Policy. He is probably better known for his collaborations with Larry Niven and Steven Barnes which include: 'The Mote in God's Eye', 'Lucifer's Hammer'...