janny wurts

  1. Clansman

    Traitor's Knot, by Janny Wurts

    Traitor's Knot: When will Arithon ever win? This is the penultimate book in the Alliance of Light Arc of the series, and sets up the finale of the Arc with Stormed Fortress, which is now available in the United Kingdom, Austrailia and New Zealand through Harper Collins. There...
  2. dekket

    Janny Wurts: The Curse of the Mistwraith

    This is my first ever book review, so please bear with me. The Curse of the Mistwraith - Janny Wurts This book was published by Harper Collins in 1993, as a paperback edition, and available from the UK, NZ, AUS. It was also published in the US. The Curse of the Mistwraith is the first...
  3. dekket

    Janny Wurts publications list

    I will start of with a bit of a statement, but it does eventually turn into a question, so bear with me. I enjoy reading. It is one of my favourite past times. However I have a limited budget, so I don't tend to buy as many books as I would like. So I tend to stick to Authors that I know I...
  4. dekket

    Janny Wurts vs J. R. R. Tolkien

    For some reason I have just been thinking about the Similarities between the three Paravian Races of Athera (from Janny Wurts "Wars of Light and Shadow") and the High Elves of Middle Earth (obviously from the collected works of great J. R. R. Tolkien). Here are a handful of the major points...
  5. Clansman

    Janny Wurts: Stormed Fortress

    Published by Harper Collins, November 2007, trade paperback, available from the UK, NZ, AUS Stormed Fortress is the latest installment of The Wars of Light and Shadow, a multi-volume epic that has as its main plot a constant conflict between two half-brothers, Arithon s'Ffalenn and Lysaer...
  6. dekket

    Janny Wurts and systems of magic

    After finishing reading through the deverry series of books by Katherine Kerr, I was pondering how great her "dweomer" system of magic was. A system of magic based that seems to be based on a deep understanding of self, and how that understanding (of oneself) leads to understanding of the wider...
  7. C

    Janny Wurts and character development

    From a literary standpoint, Janny Wurts is superlative when it comes to character development. Each of the major players is finely drawn and in a long running series, this is no mean feat. Most books in a series this long seem to become watered down and cumbersome even by the middle of the...
  8. Clansman

    JANNY WURTS - Most under-recognized Fantasy author!

    Can anyone out there tell me why Janny Wurts does not get more shelf space? Her books are amazing, without any of the regular deux et machina and farm-boy-becomes-mighty-God-king-Dark-Lord slayer cliches. Her work is so original, written so well, and it is so multi-layered, I am just...
  9. dwndrgn

    Curse of the Miswraith (Book Club)

    Please begin discussion. One topic to consider; Janny Wurts uses two siblings as her main characters. Does this add or detract from the storyline? Does she portray 'sibling rivalry' realistically or is this a dramatized version suited to the story?