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  1. Vertigo

    Figures of Earth by James Branch Cabell

    3/5 stars Figures of Earth by James Branch Cabell It took me a while to get into the writing, which I found very stylised and reminiscent of the likes of Le Morte d’Arthur or Ivanhoe, but there the similarity ends. Cabell manages to be both serious and, at the sametime, poking fun at the...
  2. J

    James Branch Cabell

    And now we get into yet another of those neglected masters of fantasy I'm so prone to tout..... In this case, part of the problem may be that Cabell is in general less in favor than he once was. For one thing, he's difficult to classify save as a "humorist", which hardly does the man or his...
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    Moorcock and Cabell

    I may be setting this thread up for immediate extinction, but it's not the first such thread I've started, nor (stubborn critter that I am) is it likely to be the last. So... Does anyone aside from me see similarities between Michael Moorcock's work and that of James Branch Cabell? Not in...