jack williamson

  1. msstice

    With Folded hands - Jack Williamson (1947)

    I was reading a discussion about AI and a movie about an AI caretaker and this story was referenced. I found it pretty good. http://www.sfu.ca/~ogden/LIBS/LIBS%207005/WilliamsonJackWithFoldedHandsR.pdf
  2. Victoria Silverwolf

    Writers referring to their own works in their fiction

    I happen to be reading Bright New Universe (1967) by Jack Williamson, and this bit of self-reference shows up in dialogue early in the novel. This is obviously a reference to Williamson's own novel The Humanoids. Ever see something like this elsewhere?
  3. B

    Who is Greater, Arthur C. Clarke or Jack Williamson ?

    Arthur C Clarke gave us such classic Childhoods End , The City and the Star, The Sand off Mars , End Rendezvous with Rama and sequels , The Sentinel ( which become the basis of 2001 film and book ) did Several sequels to it and so many other wonderful books and stories and, he came...
  4. Fried Egg

    Jack Williamson - Thoughts?

    I did a search on this author and didn't find any threads devoted to this guy so I thought I'd start one as he seems like he has been a major contributor to the fields of SF&F. The only book I've read of his is "Darker than you think" and I liked that a lot. An interesting take on lycantrhopy...
  5. Sathai

    Jack Williamson

    Has anyone here read books by Jack Williamson? Yesterday I finished reading Terraforming Earth by him. I thought it was a pretty good sci-fi book.