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  1. Ian Whates

    cover revealed for 'The Noise Revealed'

    Ooh, just stumbled on an image of the cover for my second Solaris novel, The Noise Revealed. The book (space opera, the sequel to The Noise Within,) isn't out until next Spring. Although I approved the artwork, I haven't been shown the finished design myself and was wondering what it would come...
  2. Ian Whates

    Guest blog up now

    That nice fellow Andy Remic has been brave enough to let me loose on his website and write a 'guest blog'... The fool! :D Guest Blog – The Wonderful Mr Ian Whates… Andy Remic's Official Website – Wired and Weird
  3. Ian Whates

    Review of 'The Noise Within'... my latest novel

    I've no idea who 'Liviu' might be, but, should I ever meet him, I'll definitely have to stand him a drink or two... He says such nice things! :o http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7015377-the-noise-within
  4. Ian Whates

    The Noise Within - cover revealed (This one's SF)

    Oh dear, I feel almost apologetic about mentioning the fact that I have another novel coming out in May... :o However, yesterday, out of nowhere, the cover suddenly appeared on Amazon where previously there had been a blank space with a 'no image available' message, and I don't have any...
  5. Ian Whates

    City of Dreams and Nightmare reviewed!

    Blimey, somebody seems to like my book... who'd have thunk it? :o Just stumbled on the following review of my debut novel, City of Dreams and Nightmare, which was only released on March 4th. Quick work, and not at all bad for a first review. :) Fantasy Book Critic: "City of Dreams &...
  6. Ian Whates

    Cover art for debut novel

    The cover art for my debut novel has just been posted on the Angry Robot website. It's by Australian artist Greg Bridges, and wow... just Wow! http://angryrobotbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/BridgesCityofDreamsA.jpg
  7. Ian Whates

    Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories

    Woohoo! Just received my complimentary copies of The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories which I've co-edited with Ian Watson. Fantastic to finally see it in the flesh (or rather paper). Delighted with the way the book has turned out. :) Not released until February, but the book can be...
  8. Donna Scott

    Review of Time Pieces, ed. by Ian Whates

    I was immensely pleased to receive my copy of this book, signed by all the contributors and the cover artist - which I would say makes it highly collectable! For me, the lure of the collection was the fact that it contained stories by some of my favourite SF writers, including Ian Watson and...