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  1. Ian Whates

    Signing in Waterstones Manchester, May 21st

    If anybody's in the Manchester area this Saturday and fancies coming along to Waterstone to meet me, Gary McMahon, Conrad Williams, Dr Who expert David Howe and other authors, it would be great to see you. The event starts at 2.00 pm http://www.solarisbooks.com/
  2. Ian Whates

    The World's Biggest Bookstore

    Apparently, The World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, Canada, is putting up a display of my books... What nice people! :) Mind you, I don't recall writing one about dragons... yet. :rolleyes:
  3. Ian Whates

    Angry Robot Podcast - free to listen or download

    A podcast involving myself and fellow Angry Robot author Maurice Broaddus in conversation with Mur has just gone live on the AR site, in which we talk about our latest books: Angry Robot Podcast #9 :: Angry Robot Books
  4. Ian Whates

    New Interview Posted Online

    The Fantasy Literature website has just posted an interview with yours truly on their site, focussing on the recent release of my second City book but also discussing writing, publishing, editing etc. Fantasy Literature's Fantasy Book and Audiobook Reviews To my surprise, it actually reads...
  5. Fried Egg

    Solaris Rising?

    I noticed this Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction. Is this another anthology you've got in the pipeline Ian? And is it in any way connected with the other Solaris series of new SF?
  6. Fried Egg


    Has anyone read this anthology of stories around the theme of...conflict? I've read only three stories in it so far and I'm very impressed. "Sussed" by Keith Brooke was great, kept twisting the story in a new direction everytime you thought you knew where it was going. "The Maker's Mark" by...
  7. Ian Whates

    'City of Hope and Despair' reviewed

    The first review of my latest novel has appeared and, thank goodness, it's a highly positive one: Libri Leonis - Review: City of Hope and Despair by Ian Whates "City of Hope and Despair is a fantastic book, full of emotional ups and downs, turmoil and adventure, drawn with a steady, deft...
  8. Ian Whates

    Arthur C Clarke tribute: Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Stephen Baxter et al

    Fables from the Fountain Edited by Ian Whates A volume of all original stories written as homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s classic Tales from the White Hart, featuring many of today’s top genre writers. The Fountain, a traditional London pub situated in Holborn, just off Chancery Lane, where...
  9. Ian Whates

    Yes, Led Zeppelin, Genesis... why they matter to me.

    One of the authors who features in my recent NewCon Press anthology Further Conclicts, Philip Palmer (whose wonderfully retro space opera novels for Orbit are well worth checking out), recently invited me to write a guest entry for his site. The subject? Science Fiction songs. After brief...
  10. Ian Whates

    Dan Abnett, Lauren Beukes, Stephen Palmer: Further Conflicts

    NewCon Press' latest anthology, Further Conflicts, is available to preorder. I'm delighted to say that the book includes stories from Dan Abnett (the UK's top selling SF author for the past couple of years), South African author Lauren Beukes (whose latest novel Zoo City is causing such a...
  11. Ian Whates

    City of Hope and Despair released

    I'm delighted to say that my third novel, City of Hope and Despair, second in the 'City of 100 Rows' series, is being released on March 3rd (UK) and 29th (USA). I believe the Australian release date mirrors the British. The cover again features stunning artwork from Australian artist Greg...
  12. Ian Whates

    The Noise Within Reviewed

    Ooh, just spotted that The Noise Within has received another glowing review on Amazon.com in the US: "I can safely say that it's as good as can be... this is what others should aspire to." What, my little book...? Really?? Shucks. :o Amazon.com: The Noise Within (9781906735654): Ian...
  13. Ian Whates

    The Noise Within to be Reprinted

    I've just heard from my publishers, Solaris, that my first novel with them The Noise Within (released 9 months ago) is to be reprinted in the UK, as the initial run is just about sold out. What a great way to go into the weekend. :)
  14. Ian Whates

    Free download of story reading at Dark Fiction Magazine

    The latest issue of Dark Fiction Magazine features a reading (by yours truly) of one of my short stories, "In Fear of Fog". So, for anybody who fancies hearing a slightly sinister SF tale, not to mention discovering what my dulcet tones sound like (not that I can believe I really sound like...
  15. J-WO


    Hey, Ian, I see you're up for a nomination in the BSFA's novel catagory (Plus an impressive turnout for Newcon in the shorts). Best o' luck, chap!
  16. Ian Whates

    Wild Stacks

    First edition of a new fantasy webzine is now available to read (free) online. It includes stories from me, Rob Shearman, Nicholas Royle, Kari Sperring, and Christopher Fowler among others: Wild Stacks My own offering is a high fantasy tale featuring a cynical protagonist, one of three...
  17. Ian Whates

    The Noise Within Sales

    I've just learned that my novel, The Noise Within, has been Solaris' top selling title on Amazon for the past three months, which is, ehm... Wow! Very gratifying. :o
  18. Ian Whates

    Ian Whates: Bibliography

    Okay, here's a bibliography of my books that are currently available or that will be soon: The Gift of Joy NewCon Press, March 2009 (UK) City of Dreams and Nightmare Angry Robot, March 2010 (UK & Australia) Nov 2010 (USA) The Noise Within Solaris, May 2010 (UK & USA) City of Hope and Despair...
  19. Ian Whates

    Ian Who...?

    When I first joined the Chrons, back in 2006, I neglected to post anything in 'Introductions', not even realising that part of the forums existed until I'd been here for a while. It seems a little odd to be introducing myself at this late date, but now that I've been allocated my own sub-forum...
  20. Ian Whates

    Shoes, Ships & Cadavers - Alan Moore, Ian Watson etc

    NewCon Press are delighted to announce the release of our latest anthology. SHOES, SHIPS AND CADAVERS: TALES FROM NORTH LONDONSHIRE Edited by Ian Whates and Ian Watson With introduction by Alan Moore The book will be launched during a party on October 9th 2010, as part of www.newcon5.com...