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    A new short story published and a tribute to Tanith Lee

    Delighted that my new short story "Montpellier" is published today in the latest edition of Galaxy's Edge magazine (#19). The story features the distribution of e-drugs and the Saflik, a sinister criminal organisation first seen in my novel Pelquin's Comet. Chuffed to be appearing in the same...
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    New Website

    Just to alert folk to the fact that I've just launched a new website for NewCon Press. There are still a few bells and whistles to be added, but all of NewCon's current titles are on there already (and there's even a gallery of those books that have been and gone). It's shiny! :) Do let me know...
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    Human Empire - a new military SF novel

    What better way to start the weekend than with the release of a new book? Very excited about this: my first ever collaboration, co-written with the estimable Tim C Taylor. Tim has written the first three Human Legion books solo, and they have all become Amazon best sellers, topping sales charts...
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    New Collaboration: 50,000 sales on kindle can't be bad.

    New writing ventures intrigue me; for example, I've never collaborated with anyone. My friend Tim C Taylor has self-published some Military SF novels, the first released at the end of last December with two follow ups since. They're very good, which doubtless explains why they have clocked up...
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    A new 'City of 100 Rows' story available now.

    Anyone who enjoyed my novel City of Dreams and Nightmare and its sequels may be interested to know that 'Beth and Bones', a new stand-alone story set in Thaiburley, the City of 100 Rows, appears in the latest edition of Holdfast magazine and it's free to read online...
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    New Novel Pelquin's Comet

    Just thought I'd mention that, ahem, I have a new novel coming out in April... This is the first in a new space opera series (and features a wonderful cover from award winning artist Jim Burns). To quote the blurb: In an age of exploration and expansion, the crew of the freetrader Pelquin’s...
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    New Story on Daily Science Fiction

    Delighted that my story "Trending" has gone live today on Daily Science Fiction. It's only 760 words and is free to read. I reckon this is one of the punchiest pieces I've ever written... If you like "Trending", there is, ahem, the option to rate the story at the bottom via their rocket dragons...
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    Nine Worlds and Worldcon

    I have committed bloggage, about two major conventions on the trot, how exciting and simultaneously scary that is, and what I'm doing at both of them. In particular, I would draw everyone's attention to the fact I'm doing a reading at Worldcon on the Saturday, 11.30am to 12.00. I mean, how...
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    New online interview about editing Solaris Rising 3

    An interview with yours truly has just gone up on the Bristol Book log, in which I discuss compiling Solaris Rising 3, editing, writing, and all that jazz... :) BRSBKBLOG: Solaris Rising 3 - interview with the editor Ian Whates & a review
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    No Such Thing As Normal

    A new blog post about being normal. Or not. Or maybe both... No Such Thing As Normal ‹ Ian Whates :o
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    On the Shirley Jackson Award and British Fantasy Award Shortlists

    My story "Without a Hitch" features in the anthology 'End of the Road' (Solaris, ed Jonathan Oliver), which has recently been shortlisted for both a Shirley Jackson Award and a British Fantasy Award. In a comparatively rare act for me, I've committed bloggage, explaining how the story came to...
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    Eco-themed SF Anthology.

    Looking Landwards, An anthology of all new stories produced to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, is now available in the UK, USA, and elsewhere, in paperback, signed limited hardback, and kindle editions. With the impending crises of climate change...
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    City of Dreams and Nightmare, Ian Whates

    25th May 2010 12:50 PM Ian Sales City of Dreams and Nightmare, Ian Whates Angry Robot, 427pp, £7.99 pbk On the back cover of Ian Whates’ debut novel, City of Dreams and Nightmare, it says “FILE UNDER FANTASY”, but I’m not convinced. City of Dreams and Nightmare is certainly genre fiction...
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    Solaris Rising, edited by Ian Whates

    21st December 2011 02:43 PM Ian Sales Solaris Rising, edited by Ian Whates Solaris, 325pp, £7.99 Subtitled “The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction”, Solaris Rising is precisely that – a reboot of the George Mann edited The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction under a new editor, and an...
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    Why go to conventions? World Fantasycon and Bristolcon

    With so many Big Name authors and other industry figures attending World Fantasycon at the end of this month, I was genuinely anticipating being overlooked when it came to the programme; yet, somehow, I've ended up with a busier schedule than at any previous con, with 8 programme commitments of...
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    How Books Are Written

    Delighted to report that an essay I've written has been chosen to lead off a charity e-anthology, "Story Behind the Book", featuring pieces on how books are written and created, from such luminaries as Guy Haley, Jo Walton, Eric Brown, Freda Warrington, Keith Brooke, Ben Jeapes, LE Modesitt Jr...
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    Monsters, Turkish Restaurants and other strange things

    A nice interview with me has just been posted on the Alchemy Press website, ahead of my story "Default Reactions" featuring in their imminent Urban Mythic anthology. Ian Whates interviewed | The Alchemy Press Set in London's suburbs, the story involves the desperate efforts to unveil and...
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    I seem to have been interviewed...

    Ooh... I seem to have been interviewed! A brief piece in which I discuss early influences, first publishing successes, and the benefits of belonging to a writers group: Northampton Science Fiction Writers Group: Interviewed: NSFWG Co-Chairman Ian Whates
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    Short stories and other strange creatures...

    A guest blog has just gone up on the upcoming4 site, in which I talk about NewCon Press, my love of short stories in general, and Solaris Rising 2 in particular. http://upcoming4.me/news/book-news/story-behind-solaris-rising-2-in-praise-of-short-stories-by-ian-whates
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    Solaris Rising 2: Norman Spinrad, Nancy Kress, Paul Cornell etc

    I'm delighted to announce that a second volume of the Solaris Rising anthology (edited by yours truly) is released on March 26th, 2013. The ToC is: Introduction (Ian Whates) “Tom” by Paul Cornell “More” by Nancy Kress “Shall Inherit” by James Lovegrove “Feast and Famine” by Adrian...