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  1. elvet

    Path to Ascendency trilogy, a Malazan prequel by Ian Esslemont Will Contain Spoilers.

    I have just finished book two, Deadhouse Landing, and have been delighted by how many characters’ backstories are fleshed out in these books. The series is about how Dancer and Kelllanved meet and come to control Malaz. Along with their journey, others gather, and the names just keep on coming...
  2. nixie

    Ian C Esslemont; Path to Ascendancy

    On book two and loving this series. From Kellanved and Dancer's first meeting, the story of their rise to power. A few familiar faces in the first book and even more in the second. I hadn't realised how much I missed the Malaz universe.
  3. Werthead

    The Path to Ascendancy by Ian C. Esslemont

    Dancer's Lament by Ian Cameron Esslemont
  4. A

    Night of Knives-Ian C. Esslemont

    Night of Knives Ian C. Esslemont Tor, May 2009, $25.95 (hardcover); $14.95 (trade) ISBN: 0765323699 (hardcover); 0765323710 (trade) Every generation the isle of Malaz suffers from the convergence of the Shadow Moon when the real world becomes a shadow to other realities and these other...
  5. A

    Orb Sceptre Throne-Ian C. Esslemont

    Orb Sceptre Throne Ian C. Esslemont Tor, May 22 2012, $18.99 ISBN: 9780765329998 Darujhistan lies on a dry plain in the southern region of the Genabackis continent. Many people believe that the arid land outside the city contains hidden treasure for those bold (or perhaps foolish) enough to...
  6. Werthead

    Assail by Ian Cameron Esslemont (Malazan)

    Assail by Ian Cameron Esslemont
  7. Nerds_feather

    Ian Esslemont on world-building, grimdark and the Malazan world

    For those of you who don't know, Ian Esslemont is co-creator of the Malazan world (along with the more famous Steven Erikson). One of my collaborators recently had the pleasure of interviewing him as a part of the blog tour for his new book, Blood and Bone. There's a lot of interesting stuff...
  8. Werthead

    Blood and Bone by Ian Cameron Esslemont

    Blood and Bone by Ian Cameron Esslemont
  9. Lenny

    Esslemont's "Blood and Bone" - Out November 22nd (UK)

    2012 will ever be known as the year in which we got not one, not two, but three Malazan novels! Orb Sceptre Throne in January, Forge of Darkness in August, and next week/December Blood and Bone, Ian C. Esslemont's fifth visit to the Malazan universe. From Amazon: It's out on November 22nd...
  10. Werthead

    Orb Sceptre Throne by Ian Cameron Esslemont

    With the Pannion Seer defeated, the Jaghut Tyrant Raest imprisoned and peace declared with the Malazans, the beleaguered citizens of Darujhistan are finally hoping for a time of peace and prosperity. Of course, this is the perfect time for an ancient force of unspeakable evil to escape from...
  11. nj1

    Esslemont's Malazan Escapades anyone?

    Hi All, Anyone else read Ian C. Esslemont's (ICE) MAlazan novels and if so what do you think? Ian C Esslemont I really enjoyed the first two books, Knight of Knives was a good starter from ICE, tho not upto to Erikson's standard IMO. It's a short book by Malazan standards and is based in...
  12. Werthead

    Stonewielder by Ian Cameron Esslemont

    Stonewielder, the new MALAZAN novel by Ian Esslemont
  13. Koopa

    Esslemont's Return of the Crimson Guard (Spoilers)

    I jusr read the book (it takes a while for it to come out in paperback in belgium). I enjoyed it. Overall plot, settings, battles and so on. I do have a few critiques though: 1) I miss erikson's humour. 2)The disruption that basically ended the battle between the Crimson Guard and the Malazans...