iain m banks

  1. Vince W

    Amazon Developing Consider Phlebas

    Exciting news, but I'm going to take a wait and see approach. Amazon Developing ‘Consider Phlebas’ as Fantasy Drama Series
  2. Caliban

    Culture Reread

    Karin Kross is spearheading a reread of the Culture books over at Tor.com. Any fans of Banks and his work could do worse than following along. The Culture Reread | Series | Tor.com
  3. J-Sun

    Player of Games (and Consider Phlebas), specifically; Banks, generally

    I'm testing a theory. A few main questions: If you've read any Banks, have you read The Player of Games? Did you like it? (For bonus points, have you read Consider Phlebas and did you like it?) Are you a Banks fan, generally? Examples of other related questions: Whatever you feel about CP/PoG...
  4. AE35Unit

    The Player of Games by Ian M. Banks

    Some books are fun to read, interesting, engaging,with likeable characters. This isnt one of them, which is odd because I enjoyed Consider Phlebas. That earlier book was fun, exciting and very accesible. This book however is like reading a book in a foreign language when you only know a few...
  5. Vertigo

    Dead Air by Iain Banks

    Dead Air is the story of an aggressively political shock jock set in the aftermath of September 11th, and the rather strange love affair that he inadvertently slides into. In between making his political diatribes on air, Ken Nott lives the fast life of a minor celebrity full of parties, booze...
  6. N

    Help! Is Culture series ok for 9 yr old?

    Hi Hoping someone can help. My 9 year old is avid SF fan, he's just picked up Consider Phlebas, which I've not read. Is it ok for someone of his age? Ive read Iain Banks books and know some are definitely not appropriate. He's already loving it. Thank in advance!
  7. Caliban


    hi I'm a big fan of the Culture stuff and yes I'm aware they're all standalone but just for fun shall we try and construct a timeline among ourselves. I think Consider Phlebas is first isn't it - 1300s State of the Art is 1970s right? Surface Detail is at the very end if I remember right. I'm...
  8. C

    Silly question.

    So I read Consider Phlebas the other year and brilliant. I then got the Hydrogen Sonata at the book shop, after determining it might be the next one that was written based on its listed position inside the cover of another copy of Consider Phlebas that I looked at in the book shop. But I just...
  9. S

    Best ship name in the Culture series?

    I think that Banks was incredibly talented for creating funny, even poetic ship names in his novel. What's your favorite in the Culture series? (sorry for my english...)
  10. The DeadMan


    I have read several of Iain M. Banks books over the years. Can anyone tell me the title of the book whose main character is a shapeshifter?
  11. B

    Why Has No one in Hollywood Tried to adapt any of Banks Culture Novels ?

    I think they would make great films or better yet , they make great tv shows. Wy hasn't Hollywood tried to do them? :unsure:
  12. M

    Word Counts on Iain M Banks Novels

    Hello I was wandering if people could post some of the word counts for the Culture novels? I don't have copy's of them any more but would like to get some idea as to how long they were, and some people must have them on kindle. I'm specifically looking for the Player of Games and Excession...
  13. Vince W

    A previously unpublished interview with Iain M. Banks about The Culture

    If you like The Culture series, definitely give this a read. http://strangehorizons.com/2014/20141103/1banks-a.shtml
  14. Sally Ann Melia

    A Song of Stone by Iain Banks

    The Song of Stone is Iain Banks 9th novel published in 1997, but he had already written another 8 Science Fiction novels under the name Iain M Banks, so a consistent output of almost two book a year at least over ten years. As with most of the non-Science Fiction this book is fairly political...
  15. Sally Ann Melia

    Consider Phlebas by Iain M Banks

    Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have read all of Iain M Banks books, and I read Consider Phlebas the year after it was first published in 1988, and it has stayed with me ever since. This is a Culture book. In fact more than that it is the first Culture book. It...
  16. Sally Ann Melia

    The Business by Iain Banks

    I have read all of Iain Banks novels and this one is one of my favourites. The Business from where the book gets its name is a centuries old concern, at one point in the novel it is suggested that its history stretches back as far as the Roman Empire, but the story postulates the compelling...
  17. Sally Ann Melia

    Canal Dreams by Iain Banks

    I have read all of Iain Banks Books, and unusually perhaps this one I have always enjoyed. Canal Dreams tells the story of Hisako Onoda a Japanese Cello super star prodigy who when invited to play the major capitals of Europe refuses to fly, and instead chooses to take a ship from Japan. She...
  18. B

    The Culture's Proclivity to Meddle

    I was wondering what you all think of the Culture's propensity to meddle in affairs (via their Special Circumstances section) of other civilsations/cultures that doesn't directly concern them. I always got the impression that the Culture Minds went out of their way to 'fix' problems in...
  19. Bick

    Look to Windward question (Spoilers)

    I've just read Look to Windward, and I have a question. WARNING - spoiler: What was the point of the storyline regarding the monkey man in the airsphere? It seems to me that the Mind was warned about the plot against the hub by the double agent in the assassins head. So the monkey man had...
  20. S

    Iain Banks? Culture heading for the big screen

    23rd October 2009 04:20 AM David Allen The Culture has been a theme running through the works of Iain Banks, from as early as 1987 when it first appeared in “Consider Phlebas” to many fans of Banks the Culture is many different things and that is probably what makes for a good legend. The...