hugh howey

  1. Nerds_feather

    Howey: Self- vs. traditional publishing = false equivalence

    Rather, he argues, the choice writers face is between self-publishing and submitting to an agent. His argument: NOTE: I'm not endorsing this view, but see it as a possible springboard for conversation.
  2. Fishbowl Helmet

    Hugh Howey - Author Earnings Report

    A mighty fine attempt at data collection re: ebooks. Acknowledges the skewed data set and hopes to expend data collection. Really interesting read. WITH CHARTS! IN COLOR!
  3. Fishbowl Helmet

    Hugh Howey - Must Read...

    Two amazing articles on self-publishing and traditional publishing, along with some soothsaying about where things are going and how to get there. Part One: Don’t Anyone Put Me in Charge | Hugh Howey Part Two: My Second Month on the Hypothetical Job | Hugh Howey
  4. ratsy

    Wool - by Hugh Howey

    Has anyone read the serial by Hugh Howey? I heard a radio interview with him last weekend and was really intrigued. I guess he started out writing a short story and self pubbed it. The feedback he got was so good he decided to keep writing and every few months he would release another section...