harlan ellison

  1. Bick

    Review: Dangerous Visions (1967), Ed. Harlan Ellison

    Having just read Dangerous Visions (Edited by Harlan Ellison, 1967) cover to cover, I thought I'd post my review of all the stories here. Any thoughts anyone else has on the individual stories I'd love to hear them. I'm sure all won't agree with me! Dangerous Visions Evensong - Lester del Rey...
  2. D

    Your favorite SF Stories by Harlan Ellison?

  3. Vince W

    Harlan Ellison, 1934-2018

    Another giant has passed. RIP. RIP, Harlan Ellison
  4. B

    The Harlan Ellison Thread

    One of the greatest writers of all time and one of my favorites. Favorite stories The Whimper of Whipped Dogs, I have No Mouth But I Must Scream, Paladin of the Lost Hour , Solider , Repent Harlequin said the Ticktock Man. Actually, it's hard for me to pick favorites because I like everything...
  5. AE35Unit

    In honour of Harlan Ellison

    I was messing about with my phone and a reflective piece of glass and came up with this fun selfie. Immediately the title of an Ellison story came to my mind. I have no mouth and I must scream... Makes me think of a book cover from the 70s. Funny thing is I've never read the story...
  6. I

    Short story - time-travel - Harlan Ellison??

    This was an old time-machine story by, perhaps, Harlan Ellison. He was not someone I read much, but this story mischievously returns to mind whenever I see three generations of a family, retrogressing from (say) a famous scientist, to his son - a distinguished but uninspired professor, to his...
  7. AE35Unit

    Harlan Ellison is not well!

    Just read this in the current Ansible... Harlan Ellison couldn't make it to his SF Hall of Fame induction in June owing to illness: he darkly announced that he was in the 'last stages of something ... And I don't have a cold.' (CNN, 22 June) [AIP]
  8. Fried Egg

    Harlan Ellison, thoughts?

    Anyone read much of this author. I've just finished my first book by him, a collection called "I have no mouth and I must scream." I thought it was very good. I particularly liked the story "lonelyache". I can imagine that some would find his work too negative and harsh but I think he was...
  9. clovis-man

    Original Series & Harlan Ellison

    It seems most of the dialogue in this section has been about the later series. I'm interested in the original series, in large part because there was some reasonably intelligent writing behind it. Jerry Sohl and Clifford Simak are only two who come to mind as having penned an episode. Harlan...
  10. G

    Harlan Ellison on Sci-Fi Channel?

    When I was a kid, Harlan Ellison used to come on the Sci-Fi Channel between shows or something and talk (rant?) about various subjects for a few minutes. I have searched "harlan ellison sci-fi channel" on YouTube and failed to come up with a satisfactory hit. Does anyone know of a website...
  11. J

    Harlan Ellison Bibliography

    Okay: here's a short version of an Ellison bibliography to help with those interested, or to help those who are familiar with some things and not others to place them in his career. I think I've covered just about everything, but I may have missed something. I've kept it to books, though there...