h p lovecraft

  1. Brian G Turner

    Re-reading HP Lovecraft - oh, dear!

    I still remember when I got the Little Brown HP Lovecraft Omnibuses for Christmas, and the pleasure I had reading through them after. Mind, the story quality was variable across each volume, but when the stories were good they were brilliant. The Color out of Space was a clear favorite for its...
  2. B

    Lovecraft and Lovecraftian Related Stories and Novels

    Yes , we can talk about Lovecraft and his stories her and also, other the writers who've written stories and novel in that vein . Which are you favorites and why ? :)
  3. KGeo777

    Ronald Coleman and Lovecraft

    I listened to a 1950s Suspense OTR broadcast--and was surprised to hear Ronald Coleman talking about Yog Suggoth and the Necronomicon. Some of the sound effects are creepy. I didn't realize Lovecraft had already had some mainstream media attention. Suspense was a big show at the time and it's...
  4. Dan Jones

    At The Mountains of Madness blog post

    I read At The Mountains Of Madness for the first time last month, and jotted down some thoughts on it and wider Lovecraftian themes in my blog: Long Read: Gott ist tot, but Yog-Sothoth Lives! The perfect historical oddity of H.P Lovecraft
  5. Extollager

    British Library HPL Sighting

  6. Rufus Coppertop

    (Found) Need help identifying a mythos story

    I remember years ago reading something which I thought was HPL but may have been Derleth or Long. I'm pretty sure it was set in Wisconsin in an isolated house in a forest and one of the features I remember that really grabbed me was the trees swaying in the wind except that after a while, the...
  7. S

    H.P. Lovecraft’s The Tomb Review

    H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Tomb” was one of his earlier works, written in June 1917 and then published in March 1922. Since it was written four years before “The Call of Cthulhu”, arguably his most famous work, it’s interesting to analyze it. I discovered this story via “The H.P. Lovecraft...
  8. JJewel

    Is the writing of Lovecraft better than his contemporaries?

    I seem to be on a roll with Howard today, so here is my question.. Lovecraft is considered the father of the Mythos and rightly so but is he the best?. Do you prefer his work to say Clark Ashton Smith for example, Or even Charles Stross`s Laundry files?.. That includes Comics and graphic novels...
  9. JJewel

    What is your favorite Mythos / H P Lovecraft story and why?

    Weirdly I usually choose The Quest of Iranon, the reason I suspect is I enjoy the uplift in the begining as it has almost a hippy feel, to the crushing ending as reality crashes in and drowns him.
  10. JJewel

    Anyone know any modern takes on the Cthulhu Mythos in book form?

    As a fan of the man and a writer of Mythos novels I can never find many more modern interpretations of the Mythos, they all hark to the original style and theme even Ramsey Campbell and the second crop of writers. I have been writing and publishing modern variants of the theme with Outlaw...
  11. Extollager

    Lovecraft's Comfortable World

    Really, Lovecraft's stories have more in common with The Wind in the Willows than they are given credit for. By and large, Lovecraft's world is free of adult concerns. The protagonists do not have to work for a living. To the extent that money is even thought of, it's just there as needed...
  12. B

    Books and Stories and Poems That Influenced H P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard

    I was initially going to make it about Lovecraft only . But I thought , why not all three? Since the three of them were tied to gather by a distant/close friendship of correspondence . What writers and their, books and stories , poems , influenced them, made them who they are ? And how...
  13. w h pugmire esq

    Is Lovecraft A Good Writer?

    "...I unhesitatingly declare H. P. Lovecraft not merely a good writer but a great writer--great in his management of prose, great in his imaginative scope, great in the philosophical and aesthetic underpinnings of his fiction, and great in the effective construction of a tale that allows it to...
  14. B

    Other Writers Doing Lovecraftian Mythos stories

    There are more then a few writer who delved into Lovecrafts universe of horror. Who are yor favorites ?
  15. D

    Top 5 favorite Lovecraft stories

    What are your top five favorite Lovecraft stories. For me it would have to be: Lurking Fear At the Mountains of Madness Call of Cthulhu Shadow out of Innsmouth Dreams In the Witch House
  16. Extollager

    Lovecraft's America

    Here's a book I'd be interested in: if it exists. Can anyone help me out? I am interested in a social history of America in the 1920s-30s that would be a rich source for a sense of how people lived. It would not be dry reading about Movements, Currents, etc. but would evoke the felt life of...
  17. Extollager

    Failure of Lovecraft's Project: 3 of 3

    My final comment is the one I feel may need the most refinement. I'm an English teacher and not a physicist. I invite help in refining it. Here goes. Physicists use the term "Copenhagen interpretation" to deal with the unsettling implications of what was learned in the 20th century about...
  18. Extollager

    Failure of Lovecraft's Project: 2 of 3

    Lovecraft was a materialist. This means that he wanted to believe and, insofar as his Romantic project was materialist, for others to believe, that reality is, in principle, explicable entirely in naturalistic rather than supernatural terms, and that, in principle, the sciences, which...
  19. Extollager

    Failure of Lovecraft's Project: 1 of 3

    I propose, with the indulgence of you all, to provoke some discussion of the following thesis: Lovecraft was a Romantic. He was a Romantic because, like Blake (who had very, very different beliefs), he wanted to change the consciousness of his readers. "Readers" refers to readers of his...
  20. J

    Forthcoming Lovecraftian Items

    Well, the Old Gent's influence continues to be felt, and it seems nearly everyday news comes out of new books being planned or released bearing his name. In this thread, I'd like to focus primarily on those which are writings by or about HPL himself, rather than fictional additions to the...