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  1. Vertigo

    Timescape by Gregory Benford

    Difficult one this; the core science fiction concepts and story were good, the horrendous sexism not so much so. Timescape was published in 1980 and set partly in the early sixties and partly in the ‘future’ late nineties. The later sections are set in a world of ecological collapse with...
  2. Foxbat

    Cosm By Gregory Benford

    A novel based on some pretty interesting speculation in the fields of particle physics and Cosmology(disclaimer: I'm not an expert so what I find interesting, others may find hokum....I'm not in a position to judge). An African-American female scientist accidentally creates a new universe...
  3. SpanishMill

    Gregory Benford >my book collection

    Just sharing my Benford collection here since this author has no dedicated forum on this site. Title: In the Ocean of Night...1977 1978 Locus Poll Award - Best SF Novel (Place: 2). 1978 Nebula Award - Novel (Nomination)
  4. J-Sun

    Benford Remembers PKD

    Blog entry.
  5. J-Sun

    Benford on Disch on SF

    Our Meaning-stuffed Dreams.
  6. AE35Unit

    News from Gregory Benford

    Got this in an email earlier.... "I've gotten many email on my website, and alas, neglected them. But now I've revived the site, posting new material, and hope you'll give it a look. I've also reissued on my own my quite successful novel of 1993, CHILLER. There's a piece on the website...
  7. Brian G Turner

    Gregory Benford - Cosm

    Original review by Elaine Frei: There was a time when hard science fiction had the reputation of being all about the hardware. The genre was not, many people felt, the place to look if you wanted characters with more than one dimension, if you were interested in philosophical or religious or...
  8. T

    Gregory Benford - Timescape

    I know that LittleMissAttitude has read this, and said that it was one of her favourites... I'm currently reading it, and am finding it very heavy going... There is an unusually high concentration of Science Fact information... And I think I'm getting lost in it... I have a fair grasp of Time...
  9. P

    Foundation Trilogy by Benford, Baxter and Brin? (Isaac Asimov)

    So who has read any of these. I started the benford book but I must say he is a little bit boring. I am going to give it another go at some point (probably have to start again) and hope it gets better, mainly because i know the other two authors will be better books. Anybody else read them?