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greg egan

  1. Vertigo

    Quarantine by Greg Egan

    The solar system has been quarantined; impossibly encased in an event horizon bubble. However the purpose of the quarantine has nothing to do with the normal clichéd reasons a seasoned science fiction reader might expect but is down to far more esoteric and interesting quantum mechanics. As...
  2. J-Sun

    Greg Egan: Incandescence

    Incandescence is an ultra-hard SF novel told in two concise threads whose information density make them as creatively packed as any 800 page book, and packed far more rigorously. The first deals with Rakesh (a sort of post-human) and Parantham (basically a sentient and sometimes embodied...
  3. J-Sun

    Greg Egan: Adam Roberts' Schizoid Review of Orthogonal

    First, this could well be interesting even to people who have no interest in Egan or the book because Roberts turns it into a generalized aesthetic debate on science fiction (albeit a very familiar debate). (I use "schizoid" as popular shorthand for "split-personality" and as descriptive, even...
  4. J-Sun

    Greg Egan

    Locus Roundtable discussion I thought this was a pretty good discussion (as did Greg Benford and Al Reynolds, apparently). My first encounter was basically as Letson's - Dozois annuals with his stories in them led to novels and collections by him. Have to confess that, unlike Letson, I see...
  5. AE35Unit

    Greg Egan

    Any readers of this author on here? I tried to read Permutation City years ago but struggled and had to give up. However I was reading about one of his novels, Teranesia which concerns itself with ecologies and such and the synopsis got my interest. I have just been in the village library and...
  6. gully_foyle

    Greg Egan Recommendations

    Can anyone make some Greg Egan recommendations? I feel like I should try a local author (well, Perth is 4000KM away). I've noted some very emphatic reviews of Diaspora, basically stating it is boring, so I'll give that a miss.
  7. R

    Egan, Greg- Diaspora

    End of the thirtieth century. The last few humans eek out an existence in the jungles of earth. Meanwhile super computers teeming with intelligent software, embodying the essence of the majority of the human race twiddles its collective electronic thumbs, until a disaster threatens to overcome...
  8. R

    Egan, Greg- Diaspora

    Sadly the 'Fleshers' are not met until 'Part2' by the end of which they have all been wiped out. Lucky them. Nor are they exactly what we might call human as they can change their genetic make-up at the drop of a syringe. After the small accident, the 'polises' all the various vims and vers of...