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  1. pogopossum

    Greg Bear

    I just read, on another forum, that Greg Bear died, following heart surgery and a series of strokes. A friend received a message from Raymond Feist that Bear was on his last legs. Following up, he sent a message to Bear's spouse, Astrid, and learned from her, that following Bear's instructions...
  2. Vertigo

    Anvil of Stars by Greg Bear

    The earlier book, The Forge of God, sets up the base conditions for this sequel but there the resemblance ends. The Forge of God takes place almost exclusively on Earth as mankind tries desperately to protect their planet from the ‘Killers’’ planet destroyers. Now the children of the survivors...
  3. Vertigo

    Moving Mars by Greg Bear

    What Greg Bear does well is hard science fiction, what he doesn’t do quite so well is intimate relationships between his characters and this is no exception; the first quarter of Moving Mars is an unnecessarily long drawn out account of the angst ridden first love of its main protagonist Casseia...
  4. Vertigo

    Queen of Angels by Greg Bear

    In the not too distant future humanities first interstellar probe, controlled by an artificial intelligence that is just teetering on the precipice of self-awareness, is approaching Alpha Centauri after a 15 year flight. Meanwhile back on Earth a poet suddenly, with no apparent motive, kills 8...
  5. Vertigo

    Darwin's Children by Greg Bear

    In Darwin’s Children Greg Bear continues and finishes the story started in Darwin’s Radio, following the SHEVA children as they progress towards puberty. Bear excels in hard science fiction and whilst the previous book was particularly ‘hard’ – at times I felt like it was a genetics text book...
  6. Vertigo

    Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear

    Darwin’s Radio presents a fascinating near future hard science fiction story (actually it is now set in our past but never mind, it was near future when it was written). It explores the idea that our ‘junk’ DNA may actually be a semi-sentient (proactive anyway) memory of genetic strategies for...
  7. Vertigo

    Eternity by Greg Bear

    3/5 stars Although it has the same characters and universe (multipleuniverses really) as Eon, the first book in the trilogy, this is really quite adifferent book. In some respects it was better than that first book, in othersworse. I found this book was much less confusing than Eon; itmanaged...
  8. Anthony G Williams

    Hull Zero Three, by Greg Bear

    I read several books by Bear in the 1980s and 90s, but the only ones I kept on my shelf were the Songs of Earth and Power duology: The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage. This is rather curious as these are fantasies, rather than the SF which I normally read and which Bear normally writes...
  9. AE35Unit

    Anvil of Stars by Greg Bear (1992)

    This is the sequel to Bear's Forge of God though its quite feasible to read each as a standalone-they bear very little relation to each other! Basically this is a space opera kind of story, very different to the Earth-based story of Forge, where the descendants of the first book are set on a...
  10. AE35Unit

    The Forge of God by Greg Bear (1987)

    I've read many post-apocalyptic stories, but this is the first pre-apocalyptic book I've encountered! And its a good un. Written in 1987 and set in the mid 90s, after Jupiter's moon Europa disappears a strange object appears in the American desert resembling a cinder cone, and next to it is...
  11. Bick

    Greg Bear, anyone?

    Anyone here like Greg Bear? I've not read any of his before, but I've started Eon, and I'm very much enjoying it. Big ideas, nicely written. Reminds me a little, with regard to style, of Kim Stanley Robinson perhaps. What do you like by him? Or dislike?
  12. antiloquax

    Greg Bear "Eon"

    This is my first post. I am a big fan of Science Fiction - looking forward to learning lots on this forum. At the moment I am reading "Eon" and really enjoying it. I am a massive fan of Philip K. Dick and Niven and Pournelle. I've just read "Solaris" which was great. Hoping to meet some people...
  13. Fried Egg

    Greg Bear - Thoughts?

    I couldn't find a thread for this author and, as I'm reading one of his books right now, I thought I'd start one. I'm reading "Eon", No. 50 in the SF Masterworks series. I'm only 150 pages in (it's quite a long novel at around 500 pages) so I don't have too much to say about it at the moment...
  14. biodroid

    Greg Bear - Psychlone

    I got this book at a secondhand store for el cheapo. I liked Eon, is this one any good, I know it's classed as a thriller and not SF but it seems to have SF elements in it. Anyone read it? What are your thoughts on it?
  15. K

    Where's the Greg Bear sub-forums???

    Hey everyone, New here...I just read The Forge of God by Greg Bear, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The beginning was a bit odd...winged alien and boxy robots and other hokey seeming stuff...but it quickly got better and the apocalyptic end to it was enjoyable. I'm just wondering what you all...
  16. B

    Greg Bear?

    What, no Greg Bear in the "authors" section? For shame... Seriously, Bear is on my "read sight-unseen" list. A "big idea" writer without a doubt; Forge of God and Anvil of Stars were stunning.
  17. S

    Greg Bear??

    Does anyone else love Greg Bear's Books?? Infinity Concerto + Serpent Mage = SONGS OF EARTH AND POWER a brilliant omnibus book.... He also writes superb Sci-Fi Eon The Forge of God Eternity to name but a few... James
  18. T

    Greg Bear - songs of earth and power

    Greg Bear is one of my Favourite Sci - Fi writers and when i found that he had written a fantisy book i decided to give it a try. I thought it was a rather interesting take on the whole magic and elves thing but I'm not a big Fantisy fan so I'd like to hear some opinions on how it compares to...
  19. T

    Dinosaur Summer by Greg Bear

    The story is set in 1947, and revolves around a young schoolboy called Peter Belzoni… Peter lives with his photographer father Anthony, and they tend to travel around the US, wherever the jobs take him… So, Peter spends a lot of time reading and not making friends… Anthony gets a job for the...
  20. S

    Darwins Radio & Darwins Children...Greg Bear

    Darwins Radio is a novel about mankind's next evolutionary step and the prejudice and perils that this new species will encounter. I cannot praise this book enough for its thought provoking ideas and basing everything on known science fact. The sequel, Darwins Children is equally good and...