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  1. C

    ADWD Publish Date? (I hope not)

    I haven't been around the forum in ages, and I do not want to start a flame war, but I found this info on Amazon UK: Paperback: 704 pages Publisher: Voyager (7 April 2008) Language English ISBN-10: 0002247399 ISBN-13: 978-0002247399 Now, this is the UK release, and I do not know if the...
  2. Koopa

    Lady Sansa Lannister

    It just occured to me (as it probably occured to the whole lot of you already) that the books made me think about Sansa importance the wrong way. The importance of Sansa and Tyrions wedding is not his claim on Winterfell, but her claim on Casterly Rock. I mean when you think about it, we...
  3. N

    ADwD POV's.

    Hey, I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a record of all the ADwD preview POV chapters that have been posted on the GRRM website? I mean like the actual postings, not summaries. I would be really grateful. Thanks. Lena.
  4. Werthead

    New ADWD Chapter revealed!

    At the Boston fantasy convention this past weekend (Boskone) GRRM read out what appears to be the last 'new' chapter from ADWD that will be unveiled before the book is published (although he may change his mind). It features an interesting battle sequence of the sort which a lot of people seemed...
  5. F

    New Theory on Varys

    I have just started to re-read AGoT and a thought struck me during one of the Arya chapters. It was the chapter where she was down in the dungeons of King's Landing after chasing a cat for Syrio. She comes across two men who are conspiring to kill Eddard because they are Targaryen sympathizers...
  6. B

    Jon Snow's true parentage...

    Apologies. I'm new here. Maybe this has been discussed before but who are Jon Snow's real parents? I know they have alluded to him being the son of Eddard Stark and Ashara Dayne, or the child of the Dayne's nursemaid, Wylla, and Eddard Stark. Edric Dayne told Arya that he and Jon were milk...
  7. Weasel Soup

    Sansa Player in training or pawn

    This thread seems to be needed But my theorey is she has a bit court proper Arya in her
  8. Weasel Soup

    A Jon and Arya thought while rereading

    Now of the Stark Clan we have Bran, Jon, Rickon, Sansa and Arya still alive. While Bran and Jon are in close proximity, and it seems as Bran's growing talents may be useful against the others, it seems likely there will be a reuniting of the half brothers. Rickon is off in Eric Estrada land...
  9. Snagas Tender Blades

    Who is Coldhands?

    I have been wondering since i read the book, who is Coldhands? Is it Ben Stark? Was it a nice other? Anyone got any crackpot theories?
  10. F

    Coldhands = Priest of the other

    He is the exact opposite of Melisandre, Ice to her Fire. Perhaps they are not so much priests as avatars? I don't think much of this CH = Benjen Stark thing, but I'm not GRRM so I don't know. There might be a link to the children of the forest, being as he appeared in the forest, but I like my...
  11. T


    so whata your thoughts on the fake ayra. Heres some of mine 1. Is she Jeanny Pool? <sp?> (i added that <sp?> just for you weirwood =P) 2. Will Jon go to the wedding and what will his reaction be when he sees that it isnt Ayra? 3. What will the boltons reaction be when they find out? 4. If...
  12. R

    YA by GRRM ?

    Is this a YA book? It reads as if it is but somehow I can't imagine GRRM writing a YA's book.... A Novella by GRRM due out October 2006? The ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear, for no man had ever tamed one.When it flew overhead, it left in its wake desolate cold and frozen land...
  13. T

    Danny, Dorne and other stuff

    sorry if this has already been discussed. just some random thoughts I had floating around. WOO RANDOMNESS!!! *runs around a tree for 10 mins* 1,Do we know where the prince of Dorne is? (the one thats off looking for Danny). He's across the sea somewhere looking for her. 2,Have we met him...
  14. TK-421

    Dany's Grand Alliance

    Well, there has been numerous speculations and postings on different threads about where Dany may go from here and who may or may not ally themselves with her. Certainly in AFFC, we started to see the coming together of those working behind the scenes to bring Dany and the last know Targaryen...
  15. Wiggum

    AFFC take two

    Halfway through my second reading of AFFC, having distanced myself timewise sufficiently from my first. I've found the second reading to be much more enjoyable. I don't have the urge I intitially did to skim over parts to try and get to the next chapter or to find out what happens next...
  16. TheYoungWolf

    What About Sansa?

    Yeah, she was a bit pathetic at the beginning. But her part of the story got intresting when her father died. Now that she knows what Petry said about life not being all storys and songs her bit of the story is intresting. And liveing a lie for so long has gotta kinda shock her. I kinda feel...
  17. A

    Different editions of "A Storm of Swords"

    Hi Everyone, I have a question that will hopefully be answered by you: After enjoying the first two books of the series, I was eager to order the next installment of the series. A friend of mine (who hooked me up in the first place) told me, that there were editions of "A Storm of Swords", that...
  18. A

    Subterranean's STORM OF SWORDS

    These special signed and illustrated books are mentioned in his New's section of his Web site. I looked on the internet (Amazon) and called some places but no one seems to know about them. He said there sold out. Does anyone know how to actually get copies?
  19. A

    9 Free Cities???

    I was just wondering which of the cities mentioned across the Narrow Sea are actually the 9 free cities, and which are other cities. Because there is Bravos, Myr, Narvos, Mereen, Astapor, Yunki, Pentos, Naith, Tyrosh, Lys, Lorath, Volantis, making 12. I might have forgotten some (excuse the...
  20. red_temple

    ADWD Spoilers - Jon I Summary

    As promised, here is the summary of the revised Jon I reading from ADWD that George gave at Marcon this past weekend. Enjoy!!! Jon is having one of his wolf dreams. Ghost can sense his siblings out in the wild. Knows that they are down to 4 now - 2 of them are dead. Ghost is out in the cold...