george orwell

  1. KGeo777

    The influence of Nineteen Eighty-Four in dystopian science fiction

    I thought of this due to the topic of evil. Maybe there is some other work prior to Orwell which actually is the catalyst but I can't think of any. You could say this is a coincidental "zeitgeist" situation but maybe Orwell's book caused a flurry of inspiration that triggered authors to explore...
  2. Toby Frost

    A Selection of George Orwell's Essays

    Here is a selection of George Orwell's essays, available to read for free and uploaded with the permission of his estate. Highly recommended.
  3. Extollager

    Orwell's Nonfiction: Down and Out, Wigan Pier, Catalonia, Essays, Letters, More

    Tell here about your experiences of reading George Orwell's writing other than his half-dozen novels. He was a superb essayist -- almost everyone knows "Shooting an Elephant" and "Politics and the English Language" -- but there's a lot more to his nonfiction than these familiar items. I'll...
  4. Anthony G Williams

    Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell

    Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of the very few SFF novels to have made the leap not just to mainstream acceptability but to being regarded as literature. This was probably because George Orwell was not really a genre writer, he was primarily interested in using fiction, sometimes including...
  5. S

    just finished ninteen eighty four

    i know the book mightnt fit in this forum ( i think i could make an arguement to make it fit) but i just wanted to share my enjoyment of this story. i was blown away by the complexity of the ideals proposed within the book, and although they are complex, they make sense and are easy to get your...