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  1. B

    Who Do You Think is Greater, Gene Wolfe or Jack Vance?

    Jack Vance who gave us the Dying Earth Book , The Demon Prince novels ect ect or Gene Wolfe who gave us the book of the Ne sun series , . The Knight and The Wizard duelolgy , The Latro trilogy ect ect which of the town...
  2. JonLaidlow

    New article on the origins of the Book of the New Sun

    My website hosted a piece by Wolfe scholar Michael Andre-Driussi (Lexicon Urthus) about the origins of the Book of the New Sun: The Feast of Saint Katharine (with a “K”)
  3. Pedro Del Mar

    Book of the New Sun

    Started this a couple of nights ago and finding it quite unusual. I'm quite widely read and have a degree in English so I'm capable of dealing with the text. My question/quandary - it's unlike most other literature I've read over the last few years which has been a combination of fantasy...
  4. A

    Free Live Free: Two Texts

    Hello- So which version of 'Free Live Free' is preferable? I haven't read Gene Wolfe's 'Free Live Free' but plan on doing so soon. It just so happens I have both the 1984 Mark V. Ziesing small press edition and the standard 1986 Tor mass market version on my shelf. Several places online...
  5. Stephen Palmer

    New interview with Bruce Pennington

    Jonathan Laidlow of Ultan's Library and myself recently completed a brief interview with TBOTNS artist Bruce Pennington. Some interesting new insights. Here's the link - enjoy!
  6. A

    Questions regarding Book of the New Sun...Help!

    I'm on my third read through of The Book of the New Sun. While several of the mysteries have been solved, I'm still frustrated with a few: 1) How does the Claw work? I understand it's all Severian's doing, and he uses the claw to focus his energies, but why does it work sometimes and not...
  7. K

    The Book of the New Sun Reprint

    Gollancz has just released the titles of its 50th anniversary special reprints, and The Book of the New Sun is on the list, along with a number of other favorites, new and old: I kind of like the retro look ... I will probably be adding this to my collection when it...
  8. K

    Castle of the Otter

    Do any of you Wolfe fans have Castle of the Otter? How is it? I am slowly increasing my Wolfe collection, and will probably buy a copy soon. I think I have about 25 of his books at home (combination of short stories and novels). I am very intrigued by this book, and had no idea it was so...
  9. Stephen Palmer

    He owns the original!
  10. K

    Omnibus Editions?

    So I just found out that there are two omnibus editions of The Book of the New Sun. One was put out by the Science Fiction Book Club, and the other by a UK publishing house, entitled "Severian of the Guild." They both clock in at ~950 pages. I remember reading in a forum somewhere that there...
  11. Heck Tate

    BotNS postmodern?

    I'm taking a philosophy class that deals largely with what the teacher calls modern literature, post-modern literature, and metafiction. By her definition, this essentially means stories that are mostly about the story itself (meaning there is no particular lesson to be learned by the end of...
  12. T

    Home Fires

    Gene's latest novel Homes Fires was released today. Hardcover is $16.49 on Amazon. Kindle version is $11.99. I will buy it soon, not sure if I'll get to it before I finish the Long and Short Sun. Here's a description from Amazon: "Gene Wolfe takes us to a future North America at once...
  13. K

    The Urth of the New Sun

    So after a sojourn into some other books on my reading list, I am starting off a Gene Wolfe stint. I am almost done with The Urth of the New Sun, and plan to read the Long Sun books after that. So far I am enjoying Urth, but not as much as TBONS ... I find it to be incredibly different. The...
  14. T

    The Book of the Long Sun

    There is another New Sun/Long Sun thread, I think it deserves its own thread though. I finished Nightside the Long Sun last night and I really enjoyed it. It almost didn't feel like a Sun book, the prose was not as dense as in New Sun and although it takes place on a ship, it felt like it...
  15. T

    An Evil Guest

    Finished this over the weekend. I wasn't sure I would like this after reading the mixed reviews on Amazon. Reading such comments as it is mostly talking and eating and not much happens. Well, that is true, however I really enjoyed the book. While there is not a lot in the way of action-then...
  16. itstito

    The Book of the New Sun - The Shadow of the Torturer: Thoughts

    I had heard really good things about Gene Wolfe, and decided to give the first book in the series a try. Many have expressed their disappointment with this novel, while many more have gone on to describe the series as a work of art, and science fiction unlike anything out there. I myself am at a...
  17. Fried Egg

    Peace (*SPOILERS*)

    What are people's thoughts on this book? Whilst I found it a pleasure to read Wolfe's eloquant prose (as usual), I struggled to make much sense of it. It seemed that many of the stories within the main story gave clues and hints as to how best to interpret the book itself but I think far too...
  18. D

    How to write to Gene?

    Hello everyone... I was hoping for some insight into how to go about writing to Gene? I have never written to any authors before but really feel like dropping him a few lines of humble and heartfelt praise. Can anyone help me out with an adress to write to? Thanks
  19. T

    The Sorcerer's House

    Released back in March, this forum has been very quiet for a while, I think this deserves a thread. I have not read it yet. The reviews on Amazon, while only ten, are very positive. Anyone read it and want to post impressions?
  20. Stephen Palmer

    Religious Implications of TBOTNS

    A Brief Article On The Religious Implications Of Gene Wolfe’s The Book Of The New Sun This is an amended version of an article I wrote almost twenty years ago for the British BSFA magazine Vector. The Book of the New Sun is one of science fiction's greatest achievements, and it is generally...