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  1. TheDustyZebra

    Gardner Dozois

    Another monumental loss -- Gardner Dozois reportedly passed away today due to "overwhelming systemic infection". Wish I could have met you -- RIP, sir.
  2. Anthony G Williams

    Roads Not Taken, edited by Gardner Dozois and Stanley Schmidt

    Another long-standing member of my reading pile! This anthology, published in 1998, consists of alternate history stories which appeared in the magazines Asimov's Science Fiction and Analog Science Fiction and Fact, whose editors have made the selection. The book commences with a brief...
  3. J-Sun

    Review: Gardner Dozois' 31st Annual Year's Best

    (This is an html2vbcode conversion of the original.) Review: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois Overview: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..." Just to make things clear, overall Gardner Dozois' 31st rendition of the The Year's Best...
  4. S

    Review: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois,

    14th August 2013 06:05 AM J-Sun At one point, when making my way through a particularly dense thicket of prose, it occurred to me that reading the Annual can be like eating my vegetables, but there is some dessert in here, too, and some people like vegetables. Introduction: By the Numbers...
  5. Anthony G Williams

    The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 21, edited by Gardner Dozois (Part 1)

    I don't normally buy anthologies but read a very good review of this one so I added it to my "to read" pile. It took a couple of years before I pulled it out, though; the occasion being a travelling-light holiday abroad for which I needed one book which would keep me entertained for the entire...
  6. Werthead

    Songs of the Dying Earth, edited by George RR Martin & Gardner Dozois

    Millions of years hence, the Sun has grown old, bloated and red and is about to go out. In these dying days humanity, now capable of great feats of magic, shares the much-changed Earth with hostile races such as the deodands and pelgranes. This is the vivid setting of Jack Vance's Dying Earth...
  7. Werthead

    Hunter's Run by George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois & Daniel Abraham

    My review: