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    Elfland-Freda Warrington

    Elfland Freda Warrington Tor, Aug 18 2009, $25.99 ISBN: 9780765318695 Every seven years on the Night of the Summer Stars, the Aetherials routinely move back and forth between the Spiral and the Earth when the gates between realms are opened for a short time. The Aetherials live amongst the...
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    Midsummer Night-Freda Warrington

    Midsummer Night Freda Warrington Tor, Nov 30 2010, $27.99 ISBN 9780765318701 Just after WW II in the Scottish Highlands, three youths dress up as fey to pull a practical joke on their uncle. However, none of the four blood relatives were ready for the Aetherials to cross over from the Spiral to...
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    2013 News from Freda

    It's been a while (shameful I know - sorry!) since I posted, but really not much has happened since I wrote about my Tor novels Elfland and Midsummer Night. However, at long last, I have news. The third in my Aetherial Tales series for Tor is GRAIL OF THE SUMMER STARS and it comes out in...
  4. Freda

    MIDSUMMER NIGHT is here!

    MIDSUMMER NIGHT was published at the end of November with another beautiful cover by KY Craft. It's a stand-alone novel set against the same background as Elfland, but you don't need to read Elfland first, as it's a self-contained story.
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    Elfland wins Best Novel Award

    ELFLAND has won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for BEST FANTASY NOVEL of 2009! I've tried to insert an image of the cover - don't know if it will work. If not, you can see it on my website. Oh, and it's now out in paperback.
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    Elfland News

    Woo hoo! ELFLAND has been published at last. It’s in hardback, with a beautiful cover by renowned artist KY Craft. And my long-awaited copies have arrived. I’ve finally got my new website up and running – including info on all my books, cover images, thoughts on writing and lots more. That has...
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    Freda's Website

    I've just found out that my website, which has sat happily in AOL's member space for longer than I care to remember, will soon be no more. AOL have decided to close all their free webspace and so my site will be disappearing on friday 31st October. :eek: Happy Halloween to you too, AOL...
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    Live Journal Blog

    I have been reliably informed that every writer should have a blog! So, ahem, I've started one on LiveJournal. You can find it at: freda_writes I can't promise great literature but it's all good fun. :cool:
  9. Lirineth

    Freda Warrington

    Some time ago, a few questions were presented to Freda Warrington and she was very considerate and answered them here. One of the questions was if there was any hope on seeing some of her 'older' books republished. Freda answered that after moving away from Meisha Merlin Publisher...
  10. Freda

    I'm back!

    Hi there - various time-consuming life events have kept me away from the forum for longer than I intended. Not least of these was finishing the editorial work on my new novel. Well, up to now the book has been called 'All About Elfland' but my editor thinks that title is 'flat', so now we have...
  11. Freda

    Some News from Freda

    Okay, I have a couple of bits of good news. First is that I have just signed up with a new publisher, Tor (the US Tor). This is for three new books, including the one I've just finished, currently entitled ALL ABOUT ELFLAND. The second is that I have found some copies of my impossible-to-find...
  12. Mark Robson

    Court of the Midnight King

    Have read the first quarter of Court of the Midnight King and so far it's not at all what I was expecting. There again, I'm not sure what I was expecting, so I suppose that should not be too surprising. This book feels very much as if it's been heavily influenced by Barbara Erskine's 'Lady of...
  13. Mark Robson

    The Jewelfire Trilogy

    Anyone here read any of these books by Freda Warrington? I read the first - The Amber Citadel - recently and found it excellent: rich, detailed and full of unexpected twists and turns. The races she uses are fascinating: the bhadrodomen are seriously creepy. I'm now trying to find time to...
  14. Mark Robson

    A Blackbird in Silver - Freda Warrington

    Anyone here read A Blackbird in Silver? I was surprised to discover that Freda wrote this when she was just sixteen. If you think Paolini was a child prodigy, then you might want to take a look at this. Eragon was OK as a book for young adults, but A Blackbird in Silver was written for the...
  15. Mark Robson

    The Freda Warrington Interview

    It is with great pleasure that I post this interview with Freda. I grouped the questions into themes to allow for overlap and avoid repetition. Freda is a most interesting character with a wealth of writing experience to share. I, for one, am delighted that she has decided to make Chronicles...
  16. Mark Robson

    The Amber Citadel - Freda Warrington

    If you like your fantasy stories to be far reaching, complex and with well drawn characters who are often driven by lustful urges rather than by honour, or some other high calling, then you could do far worse than to check out The Jewelfire Trilogy by Freda Warrington. Acclaimed as one of the...
  17. Mark Robson

    Questions for Freda Warrington

    I've recently conversed by email with Freda and she is interested in coming to participate in an interview here at Chronicles. With 17 titles to her name covering everything from vampires to historical fantasy, to high fantasy and heroic fantasy, I'm sure there must be some readers here who...
  18. rune

    Freda Warrington

    Has anyone read this authors books? What did you think of them? What is her writing style like? What kind of fantasy stories does she write :)