francis knight

  1. Kissmequick

    Unexpected nom

    So, this was so unexpected I found out when Elspeth Cooper congratulated me on twitter I have a nom for best newcomer in the BFS awards (along with the glorious Laura Lam and Emma Newman) I shall be over here, being shell shocked. Linky
  2. Jo Zebedee

    Fantastic Gemmels!

    Just noticed via Absolute Write that Francis has been long-listed for the Gemmell awards for Fade to Black. Whoo hoo! Fab news. Everyone cross everything!
  3. Kissmequick

    The End is Nigh

    The end of the Rojan Dizon series anyway. The last book, Last to Rise, is released today. Some people have said some nice things about it. "a profoundly moving conclusion that is both unexpected and entirely satisfying" - Publishers Weekly "proceed with all haste to this book and...
  4. Werthead

    The Rojan Dizon Trilogy by Francis Knight

    Book 1: Fade to Black
  5. Kissmequick

    Free Stuff!

    Yup, giving away three signed copies of book 2 in the Rojan Dizon series, Before the Fall. Includes a signed copy of Fade to Black! Deets here.
  6. Kissmequick

    Not our characters

    Thanks to Mark Lawrence (whose forum this might properly belong, please move mods, if you so desire) However, after a long discussion here, and a few PMs, Mark has written a post about how authors are generally not their characters, starting from the point of a review I had that conflated me...
  7. Jo Zebedee

    Querying process

    Hiya, Francis. I know you put a lot of work into queries, went through query letter hell on Absolute Write and believe it was that work that helped you get an agent. A lot of us here are just getting used to the querying/agent process. Any tips?
  8. Brian G Turner

    After Fade to Black?

    I just wondered, what is the next book you're working on? Are you continuing with Fade to Black as a series, or are you plotting on something completely different? :)
  9. Kissmequick

    Radio interview

    So, if you want to hear my dulcet (*snort*) tones, I did an interview on the Beeb local radio - this should be available for a while (I hope). I don't think I stumbled too much. I was kinda concentrating on not swearing... I...
  10. Kissmequick

    Fade to Black released

    Fade to Black is released at last! FROM THE DEPTHS OF A VALLEY RISES THE CITY OF MAHALA It's a city built upwards - where streets are built upon streets, buildings upon buildings. A city that the Ministry rules from the sunlit summit, and where the forsaken lurk in the darkness of Under...
  11. Kissmequick

    Win free stuff and help me celebrate!

    Tomorrow, 20th Jan, sees the publication of my e-book, Ilfayne's Bane ( print to follow in the autumn) To help celebrate, come on over to my blog and win a copy!