eric flint

  1. Vertigo

    Eric Flint has died

    I noticed today that Eric Flint died yesterday. I confess I'm not a great admirer of his writing myself but I know some Chronners are. And regardless; RIP.
  2. T

    1632 Flint series: Social attitudes

    How plausible is the rapid acceptance of late 20th century American social attitudes by the citizens of Thirty-Year-War central Europe? Wouldn't such people be considered Heretics at best, Demons at worst?
  3. Bick

    Eric Flint's Assiti Shards (1632-verse) Series - Reading Order

    Eric Flint's '1632-verse' series of books describe events in an alternate history of Europe in the thirty years war that occurs after a West Virginia mining town of the late 1990's gets zapped back to central Germany in the year 1632 (as a result of alien tomfoolery). In reading a few of the...
  4. A

    1636: The Kremlin Games-Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, and Paula Goodlett

    1636: The Kremlin Games Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, and Paula Goodlett Baen, Jun 5 2012, $25 (432p) ISBN 9781451637762 Having survived being transported from twenty-first century West Virginia to seventeenth century Europe, Grantville comes out of the recent war (see 1635: The Eastern Front and...