dennis e taylor

  1. MrCHansen

    The Singularity Trap Audiobook - Dennis E. Taylor

    The Singularity Trap - Dennis E. Taylor Greetings. Recently I started reading and listening to The Singularity Trap by Dennis E. Taylor. I found the book in streaming audio file format at links published below. However, the complete audio book appears to be digital CDs or files that are exactly...
  2. psikeyhackr

    Murderbot vs Bobiverse

    I am caught up in both of these series and have read them multiple times. They are interesting in that they are relatively new (I started SF in the 60s) and I am mostly not too fond of recent SF. Murderbot is extremely character driven while the Bobiverse has much more explicitely sci/tech...
  3. D

    The search for Bender...Bobiverse book

    Forthcoming new 'Bobiverse' book(s)
  4. Parson

    Review: The Singularity Trap by Dennis E. Taylor

    This is a book that I would put in the "must read" category for anyone who loves Science Fiction or just literature that tells good stories and asks big questions. This is a "Classic Science Fiction" book, and I mean that in the best possible way. Classic Science Fiction is the kind that tells...
  5. Vertigo

    All These Worlds by Dennis E Taylor

    The Bobiverse moves on, Bob has pretty much gone native living as an Deltan (in android form) in his adopted community, Riker is still trying to get the rest of humanity off Earth before it’s too late, Howard’s still falling in love, Marcus is getting involved in revolution and all of them are...
  6. Vertigo

    For We Are Many by Dennis E Taylor

    I'm sure there must be other reviews of this one on the Chrons but I failed to find them... For We Are Many is the second book in Taylor’s ‘Bobiverse’ series and follows the various Bobs as they expand further into the stellar neighbourhood, assist the human colonies or study the emerging...
  7. Brian G Turner

    Interview with Dennis E Taylor

    Firstly, many thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. And many congratulations for topping the Bestseller list this week! (Amazon Charts Top 20 Books) How does your journey as a writer feel so far? Dennis: Like one of those daydream fantasies you have while waiting for the bus. Before...
  8. ralphkern

    We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

    We are Legion (We are Bob) Winner: Audible's Best of 2016 - Science Fiction We know what assumptions make out of U and Me, and I must admit I made one based on the title of this book - that it was a spoof or slapstick comedy piece rather than what it is - An intelligent, entertaining, fun...