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  1. Memnoch

    What If??? . . . .

    What if . . . David Gemmel were still with us and he asked his loyal readers what would they like to see after the Troy trilogy from him? Another Drenai novel? Old characters? New characters? Totally new worlds? Historical novels? Maybe a novel based on events in a present novel, but from a...
  2. HogunFan

    Fallen Heroes

    Which of the many Heroes that have joined the source would you most like to have survived? Which touched you the most? One of the characters I would have liked to have read more about was Magrigg, I felt like he died too early, before i could get to know him.
  3. D

    David Gemmell Memorial Service

    Ive posted this as a press release as well but thought that I'd repost for the fans here : Tranworld and David Gemmell’s Estate have been kind enough to let me know that there will be a Thanksgiving Service held in honour of David at 3pm on Monday the 30th October 2006 at St James Church (St...
  4. Memnoch

    R.I.P. a LEGEND - Now the MOVIE (Homage)

    LEGEND – The original, the flawed, the template, yet the best - I have thought this work of brilliance should have been made into a film years ago, when I first read Legend!! If it isn't obvious to all that have read it or maybe will after reading this, you clearly don't understand what the...
  5. D

    Where to start?

    So we went tot he used book store yesterday and I read some gemmel pages, and was interested. So, what should I buy first? Seems like he has a lot of books!
  6. D

    The Fall of Kings

    Sorry its taken so long to turn up to add this : Transworld are delighted to announce that David Gemmell’s wife, Stella, is going to complete FALL OF KINGS, the final novel in the Troy trilogy. David delivered 70,000 words of FALL OF KINGS to his editor the day before he went into hospital...
  7. Adasunshine

    Dark Moon - David Gemmell

    Hello Am completely new to David Gemmell but I'm staying at my mum's and I had no books to read so sitting in my little bro's room I notice Dark Moon. I pick it up... I've barely put it down. I am really enjoying it and am keen to read his other material so, what would you recommend I look at...
  8. Locksmith

    David Gemmell dies at 57

    David Gemmell I was sad to read that David Gemmell has passed away: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5224868.stm Not sure why it has affected me, since I don't actually know him, I guess I've always connected with his writing/characters. Not much that can be said - a sad loss to...
  9. T


    Who agrees with me that Waylander is THE coolest character in any book, movie or anything. I've created this Thread so we can talk about Waylander.
  10. D

    No Shield Of Thunder Tour

    David’s publishers have been kind enought to mail me and let me know what’s happened and the reason why the tour is cancelled this year. Firstly it was David’s health that had the scare and he has undergone a quadruple heart bypass (which initially was set to be a triple but when the Doctors...
  11. D

    David Gemmell's last interview

    Righty ho everyone, I have an interview coming up with DG so if anyone has any questions then please let me know, I'll do my best to get as many in as I can however I cant guarantee to get them all in. Also if you are after a Gemmell Wallpaper I do have one currently for Shield of Thunder and...
  12. HogunFan

    Picture Books

    Hi there, im new to the forum but i've been reading posts for a while. I recently read somewhere that a couple of David Gemmell's books have been done in a picture form, similar to a comic. Is this true? if so, where can i find them?
  13. C

    Drenai Series Queries

    Hi, im relatively new to this forum, i am a huge sci fi and david gemmell fan, but i hav a couple of queries about the drenai series. 1. At the end of "White wolf" what has skilgannon done to aid Ulric to warrant the gift of snaga? 2.What is the war of the Twins? 3. Whos is related to who...
  14. P

    Question on cost of Legend in HB

    I was searching the internet for a copy of Mr Gemmells book Legend in Hard cover. I found two instances of this copy, published by Century in London in 1985. One was going for $1795.00 and the other for $900, neither was signed. Does anyone know if this is really what the book is worth, the...
  15. V

    Miriel and Angel

    Hi i have just finished reading waylander 2 and wondered if there was another book featuring angel and miriel thanks Viv
  16. the_faery_queen

    Morning Star

    so i FINALLY brought it, and to me, its bizzare. not because of the plot, im not far in enough for that, but ebcause of the style. not the first person, but how BAD it is! sorry. i compare it to legend, or even knights of dark renown, all earlier books, (and the latter set in the same world) and...
  17. cairnsbythesea


    Druss = Russ or ruse?
  18. Kaylo Mizuri

    Similar Stuff

    Does antbody know of any other authors who write a similar style of fantasy to Gemmell. I can't find anybody everyone else seems to write about Elves and Unicorns and stuff and that's not my thing really.
  19. F

    Characters you wish Gemmell would write more about....

    After reading heaps of David Gemmell's books I often get to the end of a book and wish I knew more about certain characters - also the epilogues lead you to ask sooo many more questions.... So who do you wish "had their own book" - a spin off series so to speak.... I wish I knew more about...
  20. Sid Rigby

    Has anyone read White Knight Black Swan?

    To me, it is the Holy Grail of books. I have only seen a couple of copies on EBay. They always sell for over $200.