david gemmell

  1. Senta23

    Swordsman Tournament: Pick who wins!

    I randomly picked out these match ups of all the best (imo) swordsmen in DG's books. It includes all of his works, Drenai, Rigante, stand alone works. So who wins the tournament?:cool: Last 32 FIGHT 1: Skillgannon v Kysumu FIGHT 2: Dace v Bane FIGHT 3: Samildanach v Chareos FIGHT 4...
  2. Connavar

    Jon Shannow series

    What do you guys think about this series and specially Jon Shannow?
  3. N

    Ironhands daughter

    I think this is the best Gemmel book i've read. I love the ending to the book when the highlanders win because of the women. What do you guys think? I know she seems kind of cruel. Oh and why is she called the hawk queen when her hawk dies so early on.
  4. Kaylo Mizuri

    What would you do if...

    I know it'll sound like a crazy question, but what would you guys do if you could meet any David Gemmell character? Which one and how would you act?
  5. V

    A final Homage...

    I was thinking... is there anyone here, with writing skills, that could write the sequel to The Swords Of Night & Day as an Homage to David Gemmell? there are so many things to explore yet... like Jianna still existing in Askari's body... Why Decado did not killed Olek... the evolution of...
  6. M

    Did he ever write about these again

    In few of the books that i have read there were a few people who were hinted at in becomin great heroes one day, the only one that i can remember of hand is Rabalyan, the child from white wolf, Both druss and skillganon said that one day he would be a great hero and from the story in the book...
  7. The Lion of Macedon

    new here

    hey, i'm Tim and i'm kinda new here. my favorite auther is David Gemmell he's got to be the best Heroic fiction writer out there. the first DG book i read was Lion of Macedon, usualy i dont have a big anough attention span to read any book for more than a few minutes. but lion of macedon took me...
  8. M

    The next troy novel

    With the regretful death of david, and even though he has left his wife all his study notes and the way he wants it to end, even though she may be capable do u think she will have his style of writing to do thet final book justice
  9. M

    Do u think any of gemmell books will make it to the big screen

    Hi ya doin im new here so thought i would leave in a little message, Do u think any of gemmell books would make it to the movies, Personally i rekon the rigante series would make an awsome set of movies
  10. W


    Right. I have searched all over the internet for fanfiction and can't find any. Ths has led me two ask two questions: 1) Is it actually legal? 2)If so, where is it??? Only asking this since I seem to spend the majority of my time reading or writing fanfics.
  11. Connavar

    A DG newbie hungry for more.

    I havent recently got to know how amazing Gemmell is thanks to Rigante series. Now i wonder if some of you more experienced with DG can help me. First i wonder if some his stand alone books or the ones about alternate greek history have the usuall quality of DG? Also i have Wolf in the...
  12. Senta23

    Best Fight in DG's books.

    What is your favourite fight in all his books. The best for me is in TKBTG, when Decado rides to Tenaka's aid against the Dark Templars. He places the lives of all the Thirty in his hands while the DT do the same for their leader. Then, even though the DTleader can read Decado's mind and...
  13. B

    Swords of Night and Day ending(May spoil the end if you haven't finished)

    Hi Guys, am new so sorry if this has been posted or discussed before, But I am I the only one who got the feeling that Jianna reinhabits Askari at the end of SoNaD? Just had a feeling with the way it ended with her forgetting her bow again. Any responses appreciated and apologies to anyone who...
  14. V

    Similar Writers to David Gemmell?

    Heya, i was wondering if anyone could recommend any other writers similar to David Gemmell as i have read almost all of his books excluding some of his really early stuff and books under a different alias. He is my all time favourite writer and as hard as i look i can't really find any kind of...
  15. Kaylo Mizuri

    Favourite, Gemmell series.

    I know most people will say the Drenai saga. But which of Gemmell's series' did everyone find the best. I like the Rigante books the most, and The Damned books a close second. (I know the damned books are drenai)
  16. T

    Gemmell's most dangerous/deadliest character

    Who, in your opinion, was Gemmels most dangerous/deadliest character in any of his books and why? Is it Waylander...Druss...Decado...Tarantio...Skillgannon...Connovar...??? And who was the best swordsman?
  17. In search of forever

    Drenai tales

    I have heard that the Drenai Tales omnibuses are to be reprinted. Can anyone confirm this? thanks
  18. Fried Egg

    Order of Drenai Novels

    Hello, I don't know if this has been discussed before (because I'm new) but has anybody worked out the chronological order of the Drenai novels? I've read them all (accept for the most recent one released) but I read them with large intervals in between so I can't quite remember.
  19. kalmiston nakki

    the lost david gemmel book "Lost Crown"

    for those who did not know David wrote childrens novel with his daughter in 1986 David finished "Lost Crown" and sent the manuscript to his publishers. They didn't like it, saying that they didn't think it had a "voice" for children. So it was shelved. When David asked for the manuscript...
  20. ladyflorange

    David Gemmell coursework - I need your help!

    Hi I'm doing a course on science fiction, fantasy and horror, and am allowed to invent my own essay title. I've chosen to write about the use of ancient myths and legends within modern fantasy fiction. Haven't really got time to re read all of Gemmell's work, so I was just wondering if anyone...