david gemmell

  1. Menion

    Knights of Dark Renown: Last four words.

    I just re-read KoDR and at the end of the Epilogue, after spending exactly 400 pages with some of David Gemmells greatest characters. Those four words that made me feel cold and empty inside... ...Possibilities for a second book? or just one of the greatest endings ever written. Sadly we will...
  2. Lacedaemonian

    Big fans of the Rigante Series

    ... I have a question. I can't find my copies of the Rigante series and wanted to research a character and some scenes from one of these books. However, I cannot for the life of me remember what the character was called and which book he featured in. He is the uncle (?) of the main...
  3. M

    Waterstones not stocking the old Gemmel books

    Been browsing Waterstones and noticed a real lack of stock for Gemmel's best works, instead they just had two of his last books, the Greek series. Can't believe it! No Waylander; No Legend; No Shannow books! How can they not stock Wolf in Shadow!!! Disgraceful...
  4. R

    Fan work of the Drenai or Rigante world?

    Hello guys, am just wondering if someone out there has started working on some fan work, or fan stories? If not, would it be allowed to do so if someone haven't started. It would be fun to see a video game or a strategy rpg board game made out of some of gemmels stories.
  5. G

    Best reading order

    Hi everyone new on here and recently introduced to his books and even though ive bin reading reading scifi/fant books nearly all my life its the first time ive read these... needless to say im hooked and intend to read the rest of the series, im currently reading the rigante books and have...
  6. F

    black knight white swan

    there is a copy on ebay australia! i wish it was pay day :-(
  7. W

    David Gemmell Rigante Series

    Just wondering if anyone can help me i just finished reading my first David Gemmell book (Sword in the Storm), i enjoyed it so much i read the whole thing in a night. I have just brought the 2nd book (Midnight Falcon) at least i think this is the 2nd book, i started reading and i notice that 18...
  8. R

    Some questions about David's other works

    Hi, I am a huge fan of Sword and sorcery, and works just like the Drenai series. I have completed nearly all of the drenai books except the Sword of the night and day and Winter warriors. (I don't really wanna read them and finish them as fast as possible, because I feel so excited still being...
  9. R

    Who and what is the one eyed creature in W1?

    Hi. in Waylander I, Dakeyras encounteres a one eyed creature. I am still unsure what or who that was, so i want to ask you guys if you have any good guesses of what it might be. It might remain a mystery for all of us, but just give me your thoughts on it.
  10. S

    Legend graphic novel hardback

    I have number 32/200 of these and was wondering how much i should insure it for? It is in beautiful condition. Can any of you help please?
  11. S

    David Gemmell Collection

    Hi Guys, This is going to make me sound like a traitor to the fans of david gemmell but here it goes. Im a big fan of his writings and i have collected his etire works (bar white knight black swan) including 2 first print copys of Legend. However i am leaving for university soon and with a...
  12. B

    dark prince missing pages

    hey. I know this is a bit much to ask but would somebody who owns dark prince type out pages 108,109 and 110? my book has a printing error and is missing those 3. If not, thanks anyway
  13. AE35Unit

    John Shannow/Sipstrassi series'

    We have the first two Shannow books,which my other half has read,and there's a third one,Bloodstone which we don't have yet. But on FF I see there's a second series set in the dark ages that sounds interesting. Am I right in thinking that John Shannow doesn't feature in that series? Anyone read...
  14. O

    Have I missed something? (White Wolf)

    Ok, iv read almost all of the Drenai books over and over, including the Damned books (my personal favorite) but somethings bugging me. i just finished re-reading White Wolf and right at the end in the epilogue when Olek approches Ulric at Druss's funeral Pyre asking for his axe and a "sliver of...
  15. D

    cassandra?(spoiler if you havent read Troy:Fall of Kings)

    In the Lion Of Macedon, is the Cassandra that Tamis summons in the fire the same Cassandra who dies at the end of the Troy trilogy?
  16. P

    Would you recommend the Troy series?

    ive never been drawn to the troy series simply because that whole time period just never interested me. BUT. my dad bought me wolf in shadow years and years ago and i never bothered reading it because of the guns of the front cover. i was always a fan of the swords shield bows and arrows type...
  17. D


    I just finished the troy series and loved them! Can you please recommend any other good books about mythology thnx
  18. K

    Troy: Fall of Kings Question

    Hello everyone, I just finished the last of the Troy series. All three books were amazing, but I did have one nagging question. Towards the end of Fall of Kings, Kalkheus was stabbed by a Mykene warrior outside of Troy. As he was dying, he saw a huge man coming toward him with light seemingly...
  19. B

    Who writes like DG?

    I've found a few authors around like Dave Duncan and was wondering if anyone could list a few others. Gemmel had a certain 'flair' that is hard to find....
  20. A

    Family Tree

    hey im new to this forum and 1.i would like to know if there is a link to show the drenai family tree and everyone else 2.also im hearing that there is a 3rd skilgannon book coming out! how is that possible??