david gemmell

  1. R

    Book Title

    Can anyone tell me which book it was in which a kid is playing at swordsman when someone fires an arrow from the woods, and the kid slashes the arrow by mistake
  2. Menion

    A copy of White Knight, Black Swan on Ebay Now! 400 Euros or 339 Pounds

    A copy has been found in Ireland. For a high price. Sadly I don't have that kind of money to spare for a book, so I thought I'd spread the word so some Gemmellian can gain the Holy Grail of David Gemmell Books...
  3. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell's Troy series

    Anyone here read David Gemmell's Troy series of books? Noticed them come up on Amazon and couldn't help be drawn in by the cover (especially Lord of the Silver Bow). The sample seems to read fine as well. However, am not familiar with these books - anyone who is?
  4. S

    Authors who remind you of DG

    Hi Seano here its my first post so go easy .Since the Great man died I been searching for a writer to provoke the same emotions as DG. Closest Ive Got is Lee Child and Reacher. Both have a strict moral code I know its a different genre but I recall DG started writing crime fiction. Be...
  5. W

    Skilgannon not Nashanite

    In WW Skilgannon says he was not born a Nashanite, are we ever told where he was born, Where was Decado from?
  6. G

    Druss vs Conan

    Which manliest of men would win?
  7. G

    My favorite author

    His books were the best I ever read. The only thing I wish he'd done is write more female warriors as awesome as his male ones, but oh well.
  8. R

    Waylander quote

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a comment from Waylander where he is getting challenged from somebody. But instead of fighting him, he just kills him saying that he (Waylander) is not fighting honorable. (something similiar) There is something similiar in 'Waylander 2 - In the realm of the wolf'...
  9. J

    White Wolf (spoilers)

    Just finished White Wolf. 2nd time I've read it. Awesome book, but then, all of Gemmell's are. Here are some random thoughts for discussion. Why would Skillgannon marry Dayan when he was in love with Jianna? I don't then the book even goes into how he met Dayan. I loved the lead-in to...
  10. J

    Knights of Dark Renown is in the Drenai universe

    Warning, KoDR spoiler below. I'm sure many already know this, but I just figured it out. While reading White Wolf, there is a mention of a Silverhand who died 2000 years ago and caused a tree to bloom. This is a direct reference to Nuada in KoDR. Although not directed called a novel of the...
  11. J

    Different editions?

    Just curious if anyone has noticed differences in different editions of the books. I ask because I am listening to an unabridged audio book of White Wolf, and when I also looked into my digital version, I noticed the audio book skipped a whole section and that some paragraphs have more minor...
  12. C

    new life for old books

    I get the impression that nothing of David Gemmell's has ever been republished 'anew' except for, 'Legend'. My copy of this book is old and second-hand but how unfortunate that the rest of the Drenai series have not been taken up and re-breathed into circulation. Gentlemen, if not for...
  13. elvet

    Neophyte - where to start

    After seeing Gemmel's name come up copmpared to Dave Duncan and Paul Kearney (just finished and loved the Macht books), I thought it might be time to look into his books. I do like military fantasy, some of my other favorites authors are Erikson, Cook, and Abercrombie. I checked out Gemmel's...
  14. Susan Boulton

    David Gemmell Awards.

    This year’s David Gemmell Awards For Fantasy were presented last night in a ceremony held at London’s Magic Circle headquarters. The winners were: Ravenheart Award (best cover art): Raymond Swanland - Blood of Aenarion Morningstar Award (best debut): Helen Lowe - Heir of Night Legend...
  15. Eddy Gemmell

    Gemmell on Audio

    Has anyone ever come across any audio versions of any of the books?
  16. biodroid

    Kindle versions

    I am disappointed in the publishers Kindle versions of David Gemmell's books. They are formatted very poorly with large spaces between paragraphs. I did however stumble on Dark Moon and it looks like it is the only book formatted like the novel, so I bought it and am thoroughly engrossed in the...
  17. V

    Author most like Gemmell

    I know that Gemmell can never be replaced, but in your opinions, which author is most like Gemmell? Thanks.
  18. V

    David Gemmell - the greatest writer

    When I was 12, I saw my dad was reading a book called Waylander. When he was outside in the yard, I read the synopsis on the back cover and the story sounded amazing! I asked if I could read it after him, but he said quite sternly that it wasn't for children. I hired it out from the local...
  19. Coragem

    Which to read? Rigante versus Stones of Power

    Well, I love my David Gemmell. I've read Troy, and all the Drenai books twice, and a couple of the stand alones. Next I'm planning to read Rigante OR The Stones of Power series (including the Lion and Macedon and Dark Prince). Which would you go for of the two, and why? (i.e, which shall I...
  20. Coragem

    Drenai Re-visited

    I hope this doesn't annoy the Mods, but I previously posted this in Gen Discussion. I thought it'd make sense to give it some exposure here in the DG forum as well... So, this year I re-read David Gemmell's Drenai "series" in full. I read them in the order they were written, rather than the...