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  1. Brian G Turner

    Has anyone read all of the Drenai novels?

    I think I've read just over a dozen David Gemmell novels, and he's become one of my favourite authors. However, there's a load of his back catalogue I've yet to read. I figure I should aim first to read the Drenai series novel - just seems a convenient goal to start with. However, has anyone...
  2. Ian Whates

    Legends 2: a new anthology in honour of David Gemmell

    In 2013, NewCon Press released Legends, an anthology of original stories by some of today’s leading fantasy authors in honour of a man whose work has so inspired them. We are now proud to announce Legends II, featuring an all new cast of distinguished authorsin a volume that fully lives up to...
  3. chopper

    David Gemmell Legend Awards 2015

    anyone got any thoughts on the new longlist? i'm quite liking Mark Alder's Son of the Morning & Marie Brennan's Natural History of Dragons so far... http://www.gemmellawards.com/
  4. Brian G Turner

    Gemmell Mania Forums

    I've seen reference to the Gemmell Mania Forums - obviously fan forums for David Gemmell's writings. From what I can gather, these closed down around 2002 - but other than that, I can't find any more information on them. Anyone any pointers? I'm always surprised that our own David Gemmell...
  5. Brian G Turner

    Ravenheart by David Gemmell

    I found this story to be hugely equally enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. Enjoyable, because we have Gemmell's classic attention to character, as the story opens to follow Kaelin Ring, Gaise, Taybard Jaekel, Mulgrave, Jaim, Maev, and offers the promise to show how these people - and...
  6. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell biography?

    I've been looking for a David Gemmell biography of biography on Amazon - however, I've not been able to find any so far. Does anyone have any pointers?
  7. Brian G Turner

    The Dark Prince

    I really enjoyed Lion of Macedon - it's one of my favourite David Gemmell novels to date. However, the sequel, The Dark Prince, I really struggled through and it was a relief to finally finish. My main complaint is that there seems to be a couple of different novels merged into this one, and...
  8. Brian G Turner

    Troy: Shield of Thunder

    Though I liked Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow I found the second book in the trilogy, Troy: Shield of Thunder even more enjoyable, not least for the wider cast. When it opened with Kalliades and Banokles I feared the story would drag, but by the end of the book, Banokles was one of my favourite...
  9. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell's character range?

    I've only read a few Gemmell books so far, and I do plan to read a lot more - I love his fast-paced yet rich narrative, and a lot of his character building. And yet - his protagonists seem to be starting to fall within the same range: Druss, Connavar, Bane, Parmenion, Waylander. All hardened...
  10. Brian G Turner

    Liza Reeves

    David Gemmell mentions Liza Reeves as his editor a few times, in interviews and book acknowledgements. However, I can't find anything on Google or Bing that suggests where she is now. Anyone have any idea? Or has she retired from the industry?
  11. J

    What is the most poignant heartfelt scene/event in Gemmell's books

    I love Gemmell and have everything he wrote including signed first editions that I've started collecting since his regrettable death in 06.... My question to all you Gemmellites is what is the scene/event that moved you the most in his books..... For example.... Pagan's protection of the...
  12. Brian G Turner

    Gemmell Awards winners 2014

    Gemmell Awards 2014 - THE WINNERS! - The David Gemmell Legend Awards Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence wins best novel, and best cover art. Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan wins best debut novel. Congratulations to both authors, and artist!
  13. Nerds_feather

    The Gemmell Awards

    Thought this piece from Jared at pornokitsch was pretty interesting--what he thinks the Gemmell Awards do well and how he things they could get better. Your thoughts, either on this essay or the topic?
  14. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell website?

    I tried to find an official website for David Gemmell, but haven't found one. Only the Gemmell Awards website and a few fan websites. I find that a little ... strange. Did there used to be a website, but now lapsed? Or did David Gemmell never have an official web presence?? (I also note...
  15. Brian G Turner

    Best order to read David Gemmell's Drenai books?

    I seem to recall from previous threads that this is something of a loaded question. :) However, so far as I can tell, following chronologically (by Drenai time, not publication dates) then the best order to read these would be: Waylander Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf Hero...
  16. Brian G Turner

    Re-reading David Gemmell's Legend

    So part of my research pile included David Gemmell's Legend, so I've begun re-reading this. I read it once, about 20+ years ago, and I remember enjoying it then, except for the ending. I have to admit I was hesitant to re-read it now: a) because I remember Gemmell said the writing wasn't very...
  17. Hari Seldon

    Sword in the Storm - David Gemmell

    Hello, I read A Sword in the Storm about 6 years ago. I just recently acquired the next three books of the series. Is there a website where I can get a recap of the first book before I embark on the next three.. A lot has slipped my memory and I do not have the the first book anymore.
  18. Mark_Lawrence

    Gemmell Awards 2013

    The Gemmell Legend Award (best novel) Shortlist: ABERCROMBIE, Joe - Red Country - Gollancz KRISTOFF, Jay - Stormdancer - Pan Macmillan UK LAWRENCE, Mark - King of Thorns - Harper Collins UK LOWE, Helen - The Gathering of the Lost - Orbit WEEKS, Brent - The Blinding Knife - Orbit Winner: Brent...
  19. A

    Heroines in books of D. Gemmell

    My fellow Gemmell fans, I decieded to write my bachelor thesis about our beloved author D. Gemmell but I have a question - can you think of books with female heroine in his work? I know about The Legend and Ironhand's Daughter but I am not sure about the rest, can you help me a bit?
  20. Ian Whates

    A new anthology in honour of David Gemmell

    All original stories written in honour of David Gemmell. The lineup of contributors is still being finalised, but I can confirm Joe Abercrombie, James Barclay (a story chronicling the origin of The Raven), Tanith Lee, Adrian Tchaikovsky (a story in his Shadows of the Apt milieu), Juliet E...