david gemmell

  1. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell Del Rey internet newsletter interview (1997)

    DRIN = Del Rey internet newsletter Jon Shannow, the dark protagonist from WOLF IN SHADOW, is one of those intensely compelling characters who, from the moment you meet him, lives and breathes. And as his raconteur, David Gemmell, once discovered, Shannow is a character who refuses to stop...
  2. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell SFX interview (1996)

    Stan Nicholls Interviews David Gemmell. First published in SFX Magazine in 1996. In SFX it was titled “Hack (and Slash) Author”. This title was disliked by both Stan Nicholls and David Gemmell. The Clute/Nicholls Encylopedia of Science Fiction calls David Gemmell – Britain’s current leading...
  3. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell: Riding out on a steady horse – Interview by Stan Nichols (1995)

    An interview with IN THE REALM OF THE WOLF author David A. Gemmell, conducted by author Paul Witcover: David Gemmell was born in London, England, in the summer of 1948. Expelled from school at sixteen for organizing a gambling syndicate, he became a laborer by day, and at night his...
  4. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell Del Rey internet newsletter interview (1995)

    DRIN = Del Rey internet newsletter Reprinted with permission from DRIN Number 29 (June 1995) Del Rey editor Steve W. Saffel interviews Gemmell for the DRIN: David A. Gemmell was born in London, England, in the summer of 1948. Expelled from school at sixteen for organizing a gambling...
  5. Brian G Turner

    David Gemmell interview: Games Master Magazine (1990)

    GM or Games Master magazine was a short-lived (aren’t they all) roleplaying magazine. Not the computer gaming magazine that is currently available in the UK. David Gemmell’s five best selling fantasy novels have never been out of print. They have been translated into 12 different languages and...
  6. M

    David Gemmell's Genealogy ?

    Hi! I am a hobbyist-genealogist who had this idea in mind that there should be an entry for David Gemmell on the "World Family Tree" Geni. I already noticed a lot of Gemmell's are entered on Geni, even some David Gemmell, but sadly not "Our" David Gemmell. I know of course birth and death date...
  7. The Big Peat

    Sword in the Storm by David Gemmell

    What makes a story a story? Is it having a beginning, a middle and an end? Is it about a person changing? A struggle? I ask because in many ways, you could describe Sword in the Storm as a fictional biography. Its clearly not but there's something about the grand arc and lack of clear...
  8. The Big Peat

    Echoes of the Great Song by David Gemmell

    Echoes of the Great Song has always been one of my favourite Gemmells - possibly because of how different it is to the others - but I’d forgotten until my most recent read just how dark it was. In the first few pages we’re introduced to some of the members of the Avatars, a race who founded a...
  9. The Big Peat

    Review: Midnight Falcon by David Gemmell

    It is right and proper that we recognise mastery of a craft in someone, but sometimes it can lead to overlooking the person's other skills. Take David Gemmell. Everyone knows about his ability to write action scenes, to convey the psychology of violence and depict the tough yet principled...
  10. svalbard

    Rhyming Rings

    Just started this. Hoping for good things.
  11. Brian G Turner

    Review: The King Beyond the Gate by David Gemmell

    The King Beyond the Gate by David Gemmell It's hard to go wrong with Gemmell - his books make for smooth and easy reading. There are grim heroes with a hard - but reasonable - outlook on life, who despite their sometimes amoral arguments, usually find themselves fighting against a clear evil...
  12. S

    Gemmell Trivia Questions

    Lets have some Gemmell trivia. This can cover any of his SFF works including the complete Troy series. I'll start with a nice easy one. Who plucks an arrow out of the air to save the Iron Code follower?
  13. Bugg

    Gollancz acquire White Knight, Black Swan

    It's not a fantasy novel, but still. And they're going to re-issue White Knight, Black Swan. Gollancz acquire a brand new, never before seen, novel from the late great David Gemmell
  14. Narkalui

    Ten Years...

    We passed the tenth anniversary of David Gemmell's death. I was in a curry house with my parents and my brother, Mum just said "Oh did you hear, that writer you like died..." I was stunned, hit for six, I actually felt dizzy! It makes me wonder what sort of direction his work would have taken...
  15. Brian G Turner

    Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf

    I struggled to get into this book - it didn't help that it follows on closely with the characters and events of Waylander, but it's a long time since I'd read it. Therefore I struggled to follow the political events and some of the characters, as I didn't remember them too well. This is...
  16. Steve Wilson

    Drenai maps

    Hey all Gemmell fans! I've been looking around for Gemmell maps, and just stumbled upon one I had never come accross before: This came with the computer game Legend, released in 1984. I just keep getting more and more confused this it does (for a change) confilct with most other maps (like...
  17. Narkalui

    Great Drenai books which never happened

    There are many events referred to in the Drenai tales which are never described first hand. Which of them would you wish Gemmell had written? For me I would have liked a prequel's prequel about the life of the real Shemak (as in "Shemak's balls!").
  18. Steve Wilson

    David Gemmell video game

    I remember playing a David Gemmell inspired video game a (long) while back. It is inspired from the novel Legend (of course), and the main chracter's Rek (obviously). Only I have no idea where to find this game again... Any clues?
  19. Frodoabag

    If the Shannow novels were made into a T.V. Series, Who would play Jon Shannow?

    All Gemmell Fans, for very good reason, like the Shannow series of novels. I don't think I'm alone in thinking they would make a great T.V. Series. Who would you like to see play Jon Shannow and why? I'm going to throw Keanu Reeves into the mix because if he played Shannow anywhere near like he...
  20. Brian G Turner

    The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

    Just finished this and generally enjoyed it. As usual with Gemmell, there's good pace and good description, and the story flows smoothly. Curious that Shadak calls Druss "Laddie", which is an expression Druss normally - and uniquely - uses. So I'm not sure whether it was implied that it was a...