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  1. R


    For christmas my brother got me a book by David Gemmell, Ravenheart. Its a hardcover and it looks excellent but I see some books in front of it in that series. Do I need to read those other titles first or can I just read Ravenheart and get the others at some later date? Thanks, Rahl
  2. R

    What is the 'geasa' ?

    I just finished the first book of the Rigante and have some questions about the role of the geasa. I'm sorry if there is already a thread on this. Is the geasa a prophecy something that will happen no matter what or is it just a warning that dead could follow the breaking of the geasa. Do...
  3. $

    HELP!!! - I've read every Gemmell book!

    Gemmell is by far my favorite author. Please post other authors and series suggestions that are as good as David is. I've just finished reading every one of Gemmell's books and need some advice! Thanks much!
  4. Arkangel

    So, anyone read White Wolf

    I went and bought my first David Gemmell book today "The Swords of Night and Day" only to find out that it was book 2 of The Damned series and the book 1 is White Wolf. I have placed a order online for White Wolf and waiting for it. Since this is my first David Gemmell do you think i should...
  5. $

    Gemmell Book Signings in the US?

    Please help. Where can we find info of when, where and IF David is doing signings for Troy in the US. Thank you!
  6. W

    Second Chronicles of Druss the Legend

    On the biography it lists "Second Chronicles of Druss the Legend " - 1995 Can anyone tell me anything about this book? Its not listed online anywhere.
  7. T

    Any know where to get Gemmel books?

    Does anyone know if he has his own web site or his publisher does so i can order all the books i want... amazon doesn't have all the one i want :( as i'm new so hello.
  8. C

    Order To Read

    Hey guys I have just recently stumbled on to the books of David Gemmell. I started with Legend, which needless to say was FREAKING AWESOME! I really want to know what is next. I know in the back of Legend it says "Druss The Legend returns in White Wolf with Skillgannon The Damned". But the I...
  9. Lacedaemonian

    Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow

    The first book in David Gemmell's new trilogy is out on September 1st.
  10. N

    David Gemmell Signing - London

    David Gemmell will be signing Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow on Saturday 10th September 1-2pm at Forbidden Planet 179 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8JR Tel 020 7420 3666. If you can't make it on the day you can order copies via their mail order department. More details at www.forbiddenplanet.com
  11. braddockery

    Newbie Gemmell fan

    Well I was looking at the library for a book and what I wanted was`nt there so I entered the world of Gemmell. Legend was great and then I read Echoes of the great song. He`s good hey? Any other fans that would like to lead me further into his realm?
  12. Y

    Druss Books

    Hello all. I am going away on holiday and am looking to take a nice book to read. I've been recommended above books but am confused as to which is the first one. I hate reading a series a books halfway through so was wondering if anyone could let me know which one is the first. Also if you...
  13. C

    Gemmell Movie?

    Hope you are all doing well- Heres my question! If the Gods smiled down on us and sent us a film adaptation of a DG novel which book would you pick and who would you cast in the main roles? I would say Moring Star cause its awsome, I would cast Toby Maguire as Owen, Arnold Schwartzanager (sp?)...
  14. S

    Fate of Druss (Spoilers!)

    ok so i found an anomaly about druss. At the end of white wolf, Ustarte shows Weldi the funeral pyre of druss, and then Skilgannon coming in and asking Ulric for the hair and bone, then shows skilgannon riding off with Snaga on his back. At the end of legend, when Druss really dies (the end of...
  15. O

    Greetings and Well Wish's

    I'm relatively new to reading Gemmells works, I've been reading them for about 6 months. Legend was the first Gemmell book I read and I was blown away. A friend had been recommending it to me but I was right in the middle of reading some Drizzt stuff(Wash, Rinse, Repeat)and waited several weeks...
  16. D

    The Lion of Macedon

    hi guys, im new here and i realy liked the discussions u have posted anyways ive read most DV books but what realy got to me was lion of macedon and its sequel dark prince......anyone here read 'em? i especialy like the endings. come to think about it ALL david gemmell's endings are unique
  17. Lacedaemonian

    David Gemmell Quizzes

    Try your hand at these quizzes: http://www.funtrivia.com/quizzes/literature/authors_d-g/david_gemmell.html By the way the Soul names and geasas quiz was produced by me. Sorry if it is hard. :)
  18. a|one

    Does anyone else think the latter 2 Rigante books would make excellent movies?

    ***Spoilers*** Hi guys, I dont know how many of you have seen Peter Jackson's LOTR movies, but personally I found them to be quite lacking. Dont get me wrong, I think Jackson did a great job, much better than expected, but IMO LOTR just fits far better as a book. Now Ravenheart and Stormrider...
  19. Adramalek

    Help me get this Book please

    :eek: ;) Am triying to get a hold of the British cover ver. of Gemmell's Swords of N & D anybody out there let me know I don't trust net shopping anymore:( you ask for something and they send you something else :mad: send me an e mail if you wanna sell it yourself:o
  20. N


    I'm thinking of starting in on the David Gemmel books, problem is, he has so many books that it would take a long time to find out which books and which series to read in which order. So, if anyone would be kind enough to tell my in which order to buy them in that would be great. Thanks!