david feintuch

  1. L

    David Feintuch has passed on

    Unfortunately, I cannot put in the URL for the Lansing, MI online obituary for David Feintuch as this is my first posting. One of our list members posted part of an obit in the group: Feintuch, David* Feintuch, David, 61, entrepreneur, died Thursday. Services noon Wednesday at...
  2. zorcarepublic

    David Feintuch's Seafort Saga

    Having been recommended by a fellow forum member on another forum, I decided to read the books of the Seafort saga. I tend to read either space combat novels (a la Weber, Drake) or comedy (a la Holt, Pratchett), and the Seafort saga fits in with the first category. So, therefore, I expected a...
  3. R

    Nicholas Seafort (David Feintuch)

    Nicholas Seafort There can be few fictional characters more tortured than this chap, even in the most deranged and masochistic doodlings of Stephen King! But after the umpteenth re-reading, I have finally got a handle on his world, but still none to sure I understand it! As a start we...
  4. D

    The King (David Feintuch)

    The King I just brought the book, the sequal to Fientuch's first non-Seaford saga book "The Still". I have read the first chapter and it is looking good.
  5. O

    Feintuch, David: The Seafort Saga: Book Three

    The Seafort Saga: Book Three Prisoner's Hope Assigned to Hope Nation while recovering from injuries, Captain Nicholas Seafort is appointed liason to the wealthy planters of the verdant colony planet. But, reeling from a savage alien attack, the U.N. space flotilla flees homeward, and the...
  6. O

    Feintuch, David: The Seafort Saga: Book Two

    The Seafort Saga: Book Two Challenger's Hope An alien attack and an admiral's betrayal leave a wounded Commander Nicholas Seafort stranded aboard a doomed ship of arrogant colonists and hostile street children. His crew is rebellious, his ship short of weapon, fuel and food - easy prey for...
  7. O

    Feintuch, David: The Seafort Saga: Book One

    The Seafort Saga: Book One Midshipman's Hope When a hideous accident kills the senior officers of UNS Hibernia, it leaves a terrified young officer to save three hundred colonists and crew aboard a damaged ship, on a seventeen-month gauntlet to reach Hope Nation. With no chance of rescue or...
  8. O

    David Feintuch

    Has anybody ever heard of this guy?? He has so far (i think ) only written the set of books The Seafort Saga I think they're really good, but noone I talk to seems to know who he is. Any takers?
  9. O

    Feintuch, David: The Seafort Saga

    Has anyone read any of David Feintuch's books?? I read the first one in his Seafort Saga, Midshipman's Hope, and now the next one isn't in any book stores or library's so its kinda frustrating because I thouroughly enjoyed it :) Oh Well....