daniel keyes

  1. Elcan

    The Milligan Wars

    Hello! I live in Russia. Can anyone help me with the search for the English edition of Daniel Keyes's book «The Milligan Wars»? The last time the book was published in London in 2015 (bookdepository . com/Milligan-Wars-Daniel-Keyes/9780241132913) I have been looking for this book for a long...
  2. Omphalos

    Flowers for Algernon (novelette), by Daniel Keyes

    When people say that SF is a gloomy body of literature, I think that they have stories like this week's in mind. Flowers for Algernon is not a tale of the failure of science to make people's lives better. The operation that was performed in this story was expected to fail, so what it really is...
  3. BookStop

    Flowers for Algernon

    Aw- I just finished Flowers for Algernon. It was better than I expected.