dan simmons

  1. AndrewT

    Rank Dan Simmon's Books

    I have not read any Simmons yet but I have his Hyperion omnibus on the shelf. How do his other works compare with these? I notice he writes horror too but those get lower marks at Goodreads.
  2. radu123

    dan simmons - the terror

    anyone else read this gem? a truly spellbinding book, until the last 100 pages or so, where it turns from magic to cheap parlour trick firstly, the explanation of the monster itself. considering the mystique and menace simmons created around it, i knew that there would be no truly satisfying...
  3. digs

    Dan Simmons: Ilium and Olympos

    I know both of these books have been out for a little while, but I did a quick search of The Chron and couldn't find any threads on them. I was actually a bit surprised that there weren't more Dan Simmons threads, cos I know he's a fairly popular and well-regarded author. BUT ANYWAY. Ilium...
  4. Werthead

    Drood by Dan Simmons

    In 1865 a steam train derails whilst it is crossing a bridge at Staplehurst in Kent. Ten people are killed and forty more injured, some very severely. Amongst the shaken but unhurt passengers is the novelist Charles Dickens, who lends aid and succor to the dying and injured. Dickens is lauded as...
  5. Switchback

    Drood - Dan Simmons

    Has anyone read this yet? I just finished this weekend and absolutely loved every word of it. I'll preface this by saying I'm a huge Dan Simmons fan, and I'm constantly amazed at how easily he floats between genres. Drood is a wonderful book. Dark, creepy, thought-provoking, evocative, the...
  6. Werthead

    The Terror by Dan Simmons

    In the summer of 1845, the Royal Navy dispatched two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, under the command of Sir John Franklin to the Arctic Ocean. Their orders were to enter the Canadian Arctic Archipelago by means of Lancaster Sound (west of Greenland) and seek out the North-West Passage, which...
  7. Werthead

    The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    The Fall of Hyperion is the second novel in the four-volume Hyperion Cantos, although it does effectively resolve the storylines opened up in Hyperion. When the first book ended, the pilgrims had arrived at the Valley of the Time Tombs on Hyperion where each was supposed to confront the Shrike...
  8. Werthead

    Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    Just finished Hyperion:
  9. Anthony G Williams

    The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    This sequel to Hyperion (reviewed on this blog on 28 March 08) continues where the first volume left off. The pilgrims are still in the valley of the Time Tombs on Hyperion (where most of them remain, more or less, for the duration of the tale), and one of the two main plot threads follows their...
  10. Anthony G Williams

    Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    I kept reading about how good the two Hyperion books were so I eventually bought an omnibus edition including both Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. It is the size of a substantial doorstop so it sat on my shelf for a few months while I found excuses to read shorter books. However, I eventually...
  11. Switchback

    The Terror - Dan Simmons

    Has anyone read this one yet? I LOVED the Hyperion books, and also the illium set. Plus, I'm a huge history buff, so this new book seems like it will appeal to me. I may head to the book shop today to add onto my to read pile, and was wondering if this one is worth a look? Thanks....
  12. The Wanderer

    Hyperion - Dan Simmons

    OK, started this, Will post initial comments soon...
  13. B

    Dan Simmons

    I don't see a sub-topic for Dan Simmons so I thought I'd ask people's opinion of him. Actually I just purchased Hyperion and Ilium on a hunch so I guess I'm going to find out anyway - just want to know what I'm in for.
  14. J

    Hyperion - Dan Simmons

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any in this forum had been as impressed as I was by this superb space opera, and also if anyone had mastered the plot which I found very complexe. Of course the main storyline is quite clear, but something I failed to really understand(or have possibly...
  15. Prefx

    Dan Simmons fans?

    Just wondering if anyone here enjoys Dan Simmons? I'm mostly talking about his science fiction, but I'm opened to anything even relating to his name (although I wasn't too fond of A Winter's Haunting.) My favorite one of his books is, of course, Hyperion. It was actually the book that got me...
  16. Boaz

    Ilium by Dan Simmons

    I read Ilium by Dan Simmons late last year or early this year. Simmons completely sucked me in. I usually avoid futuristic sci-fi, sticking mostly to high fantasy and historical fiction, but Simmons ended up bringing all three together! It all depends upon what point in the story, what place...
  17. T

    Dan Simmons

    Has anyone read: Ilium or Olympos I'm thinking of getting them, and just wanted someone elses view point... :D
  18. Preston

    Hyperion, by Dan Simmons

    I just finished Fall of Hyperion, and would like to figure a few things out about the ending, particularilly concerining the Shrike. *Warning, for those who have not read this book, there may be spoilers* Questions: -What was the purpose of Kassad's fight with the Shrike? -How did...